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can diet influence your babies size?

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muppety · 23/09/2005 13:12

I'm thinking ahead here. Had to have a section with ds2 as he was so big. Won't bore you with the details but I might have more questions about that at a later date! I would love another baby but really would prefer to avoid another section. Someone told me that diet can influence your babies size. I put on 4 stone in both my pregnancies so was this to blame? Starting smoking not an option!! Most of my friends seem to have babies of a nice 7-8 pounds range and they are all much bigger people than me.

OP posts:
Lulu68 · 23/09/2005 14:02


Congrats on ds2, just a quick note, type in VBAC into google and you will find lots of pages, also there is a chat site on yahoo called (dunno if the link works but it is really helpful (through them I gathered enough info to convince dh and all the medics that I could have a natural birth after 2 sections!) There are plenty of people who have had big babies naturally.

Good Luck


vickitiredmum · 23/09/2005 14:09

That someone sounds like they dont know what they are talking about!

Diet has little to do with babies growth unless you stop eating altogether .

Diabetes of pregnancy is sort of eating related and also usually means bigger babies but unless that was you last time i wouldnt worry about it.

Babies size doesnt count on how fat the mum is either! VBAC related sites seems the best way to go here.

I havent had a c/s but would say that my DD was largish 9lb 13oz ventouse delivery, epidurals etc, with my 2nd he was 8lb 12oz and totally normal and mostly drug free labour.

Windermere · 23/09/2005 14:25

I have read that it is partly to do with it, but in a positive way not a negative way. The healthier you eat the more heavier your baby will be. Genetics also play a part.

gigglinggoblin · 23/09/2005 14:32

ds1 was 9lb 13, ds2 was 8lb 7. 1 is huge, 2 is still really scrawny. nothing to do with what i ate, they are just completely different builds.

did you try to give birth naturally last time or just go straight for section? my cousin had 4 sections because of huge babies. 1st was emergency after she went into labour herself and didnt manage it, next 2 were planned, with no. 4 she tried again to do it herself and ended up with section anyway. afaik dr and mw were supportive of her decision to try

tabitha · 23/09/2005 14:51

My ante-natal yoga teacher was convinced that having too much refined sugar in your diet while pregnant would result in an 'over-large' baby.
I did my very best to cut down on sweets, fruit juice etc on her advice but ended up having a baby almost exactly the same weight as my other 3 ( 8lb 10.5 oz). The good side was that I didn't put on a great deal of weight and I did find it easy to lose afterwards, so it did have its advantages.

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