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Did everyone get a bfp after af was due?

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jane261 · 20/09/2005 11:56

I have done some teast last week which would have been about upto 9 days past ovulation and did one yesterday but it was not early morning urine and i just squeezed it out for the test so it was not really a good urine sample and they have all been negative. the only thing is i have had af type pains for about a week, every morning frrling like i will get af but today i am 1 day late and have pain like aching in my hips which i had with ds 1. i am sorry this is long, but just wondering about the pregnacy test thing?

OP posts:
bubbles2904 · 20/09/2005 14:25

what does "bfp" stand for? sorry having a daft day

ei23mummy · 20/09/2005 14:35

hey jane i got a bfp two days after my af was due as i had been trying for a while and never got the positive result i wanted- i kinda put off the test to avoid disappointment!! i only did the test as i had 'niggly' pains like af pains but still hadnt come on!! anywho it was positive and im now 26weeks pg with my first!! my friend however did a test three days before her af was due and got a strong bfp so it all depends on your body etc dont be too disheartened by the result now as it may be too early to tell. you could always buy one of those first response tests as they give a result a few days before your af is due and are supposed to be really reliable for the result!!
good luck

kangel · 20/09/2005 15:04

I had 2 negative tests before I finally got a BFP and then it was a really faint line that DP thought I was imagining - I was over a week late, the docs say that I ovulated late hence the reason for the first 2 negative tests and the faint line. Even though I was using ovulation kits so I know when I ovulated they still insist that it was a week later than when I got my big smiley get down to business face

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