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Has pregnancy turned you selfish......?

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myersthecat · 15/08/2003 15:00

It's just dawned on me that I've turned into a selfish person during pregnancy. Think it's because everyone is more interested in how the bump is doing rather than talk about what's going on in their life.

Just realised that I was having a chat with another pregnant lady this morning, and she said that she'd done quite a bit of travelling before pregnancy. Instead of getting her to elaborate and show an interest (which would normally come naturally), I just piped up something about myself then the conversation moved on!

I am absolutely positive it's not the first time in recent months either.

I'm gutted now, as I'd like to know about her travels so that I can get to know her better.

Does this wear off after pregnancy, or does it just focus on the baby rather than the bump!

If so, going to have to do some serious looking at my attitude as it can't go on like this - I'll end up friendless!

Anyone else notice this trait ?

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eefs · 15/08/2003 15:32

Sorry Myersthecat, in my experience it focuses on the baby for the first year - and then I began to gain back my perspective.
I can see why a lot of people tend to not relate to their childless friends so well after they've had a baby.
I am beginning to notice it again this time too - I seem to be able to turn conversations around to my pregnancy, even though I'm normally not that interested and as I work in a mostly male environment I have to make a real effort not to talk about it at work. I bore myself sometimes.
I find mumsnet a useful outlet for these selfcentered feelings - helps to vent here somewhat.
how far gone are you?

bossykate · 15/08/2003 16:20

i had completely opposite feelings! i got so bored being pregnant and having conversations about it, always initiated, in a kind, well-meaning way of course by others...

Jenie · 15/08/2003 18:23

Still do talk alot about my children and did so about my bump but usually wait to be prompted. I think that due to many and varied complications with youngest ds when he was tiny and whilst still pregnant that I may have talked more about my concerns just for reasurance.

But durning dd pregnancy I worked with 3 other pregnant people (we were all due a month after each other) so couldn't wait to not talk about it at any other time and would actually say "It's not very interesting but I'll let you know when it gets a wriggle on and you can have a feel"

myersthecat · 17/08/2003 18:39

Oh well, just have to make sure I make an extra effort to get a word in edgeways about something other than bump, or when it decides to arrive baby!!!

I don't think it was so bad when I was at work (I work with mainly men, and only gave up 2 weeks ago). Perhaps it's just being a bit lonely (in the sense of not used to having so much time on my own at home!).

Eefs, I'm 5 days overdue.....gutted!! Maybe that's why I'm a little preoccupied with it all! The usual phone calls of "any news?" every five mins!!!

How about you, far gone ?

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