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Weird clicking sound from bump!?!

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daleslady · 13/09/2005 18:28

Has anyone else experienced a strange clicking noise from their bump? Im 38 weeks and not so much worried, more interested... its almost like bubbles popping inside against my skin and if im fast i can feel them as they dont last very long. My midwife is also unsure of them but asures me its nothing to worry about, she has come across another lady that experienced them though.
Does anyone know what it is or know what i mean?

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Distel · 13/09/2005 18:30

I have posted on your other thread.

I think you have a very clever baby who has already discovered mumsnet .

spidermama · 13/09/2005 18:31

Are they rhythmic? Hiccups?
Some babies suck their thumbs in the womb.

MaryBS · 13/09/2005 19:21

I've had a baby with hiccups inside - its really weird!!! Could well be hiccups

morningpaper · 13/09/2005 19:22

lol Distel!

Mummyvicky · 14/09/2005 10:44

Hi daleslady
I had a clicking sound with all three pregnancies atthe end. Nver found out what is was and was petrified everytime there was a problem- they all turned out perfect anyway !
Dont worry !

daleslady · 14/09/2005 11:30

Im sure its not hiccups as i get those quite often and its a totally different feeling, there not rhythmic either it only happens once or twice. Thanks for the suggestions though everyone xxx

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