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faeriemum · 03/09/2005 20:36

omg im sooo frustrated! i had a test this morning but was neg...but being impatient as would only be 3 weeks pregnant...
now cant afford to buy n e more tests until tuesday! its all im thinking about!
ive had all the signs, nausea all day, cramps, bloating, tender nips, discharge, weeing every 5 bloody minutes....
i have a gut feeling but wish i could confirm it....ohhh please hurry up tuesday...please please!

OP posts:
Mandymoo · 03/09/2005 21:34

Hope its the answer you want XXXX

rubles · 03/09/2005 21:38

Poor you, it's worse than waiting for Christmas isn't it?
The only upside is that by then you will have much higher hcg levels for the test, so you will hopefully be in no doubt....

I bet you crack and buy a test before tho'.

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