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ChaCha · 01/09/2005 15:52

Am almost 28 weeks. Have just had to sit down with awful backache. It feels like the kind of backache that i'd usually get with AF.
Is this normal at this point in pregnancy or should I be on phone to m/w?

OP posts:
vickitiredmum · 01/09/2005 15:54

If you are worried you should always ring your midwife for reassurance. However, there are many different reasons for backache in pregnancy and 28 weeks sounds about right for a fresh batch of hormones to loosen up your ligaments just that bit more!

ChaCha · 01/09/2005 15:59

Thanks for that. It's really quite painful. I've seen my m/w once at 15wks, have called her once about a blood test and don't see her again until next week. I guess they're used to such questions right?
I've also noticed that my bump seems to be moving upwards, seem to be sporting one bump rather than the two halves if that make sense?

OP posts:
vickitiredmum · 03/09/2005 23:05

Yeah it does! The bump changes and reforms constantly - but they seem to change overnight dont they! How come you have only seen your midwife once in 15 weeks? do you see your gp for ante natal care usually then?

ChaCha · 04/09/2005 10:49

Hmm...Have seen my GP once since my 20 week scan and once earlier on in the pregnancy. I give her my urine sample, she says its fine. Does my BP, says it fine, asks if i have been well and then prescribes whatever medication is necessary. That's it.
Haven't yet been weighed which i find strange. m/w did this at 15weeks and am now 28.

I'm just guessing this is the norm.

OP posts:
compo · 04/09/2005 10:52

I was never weighed by my midwife. Apparently they don't bother with that much any more

ChaCha · 04/09/2005 11:01

Oh, well that's reassuring Compo.
Just out of interest, I've already given had my bloods taken at maybe 20 odd weeks, (can't remember exactly) will they be taken again soon or is it just the one?
I have to have them taken at the local hospital due to my squeamishness...i hate it!

OP posts:
compo · 04/09/2005 11:02

I think I had them taken twice. It's such a pain waiting around at the hosptial isn't it? I hated it too...

vickitiredmum · 04/09/2005 22:16

Blods are usually taken again at around 28-32 weeks as i recall to check iron levels etc. From 12 up to 28 weeks i saw gp or midwife 4 weekly. Then fortnightly up to 36 weeks and then shouldve been weekly except i ended up the hospital everyday for Pre eclampsia monitoring. Sounds like the midwifes/gps must be really busy where you are. I wouldnt worry though - you obviously have a very straightforward pg else they would see you more often - i just thought it was the norm accross the country for that!

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