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37 weeks pregnant and my cervix feels like it's dilated... advice from any Midwives please!

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starfish · 31/07/2003 12:42

I have had recurrent htrush (yuk) throughout my late pregnancy, and was applying some Canestan cream 'at the source' as it was, last night. I found my cervix, and it felt as if it was open about 1 - 1 1/2 cm (the width of top of my finger). I didn't want to mess around too much in case I disturbed anything!
Sorry to be so graphic, I'm a bit embarrassed to be posting this, but now I keep worrying the baby will be early!
DS 1 was 5 days late and this baby isn't due for another 2 weeks and 3 days.
I don't want to mention it to my midwife in case she starts labour off by examining me, when I was having ds1, every time they examined me internally it hurt, and I bled a bit after.
Are there any Midwives out there who can give me their opinion?
Thanks all

OP posts:
fio2 · 31/07/2003 12:55

starfish I am not a midwife but even if your baby is getting ready for labour being 2weeks early isnt going to hurt is it? Your baby is most probably ready to be born and I dont think they are classed as prem unless they are born before 37 weeks. I had ds at 38weeks and he was 8lb3oz and very healthy

aloha · 31/07/2003 13:06

I had ds at 37 weeks and he was 8lb 8oz and very healthy. Even if your baby is born now he or she isn't premature.

starfish · 31/07/2003 13:09

fio2, on the contrary, it IS going to hurt!
It is quite a big issue for me if the baby is early, as we have just moved house and have a young toddler, not to mention the traumatic birth I had last time round makes me very apprehensive about this time. I know the baby is now classed as term, that isn't the issue. I just wanted to know if I could definitely expect to go into labour sooner rather than later.
Sorry if it seems like a trivial worry to you, but it isn't to me!

OP posts:
Rebi · 31/07/2003 13:15

With my first ds I was dilated around 2cm for about a month before he was born - it is only when you are 3cm dilated that you are considered to be in labour. I am not a midwife but I don't think it means you are imminently (sp?) about to give birth.

Take care and go for reassurance if you need it

Rebi · 31/07/2003 13:19

starfish, I have just read your second posting. I had a horrendous labour with my first ds - so bad it took me 7 years to do it again! I had my dd in January and the labour was the most fantastic experience of my life (honestly!). I know it is hard but try to believe it will be easier this time.

Take care, will cross my fingers for you that it will be as good for you

fio2 · 31/07/2003 13:22

starfish sorry if my post sounded patronising, didnt mean it to

motherinferior · 31/07/2003 15:51

It could be It, you know. Dd2 was born 16 days 'early', five weeks ago. But no, that isn't prem, and she's a gorgeous (maddening) little thing. Good luck!

pie · 31/07/2003 17:33

As far as I am aware, it is considered 'normal' to be 1-2cm dialated throughout your entire pregnancy (or at least from the second trimester onwards) if you have already had a child.

Though I'm not SURE!!!!

pie · 31/07/2003 17:42

There is a mention here

"Women who have had babies already will tend to dilate first, but their cervix may still be thick until actual labor."

Also \link(\here}

"During the last four weeks of pregnancy, beginning at around 36 weeks and sometimes even a little bit earlier, many doctors will start checking the mother's cervix. During this time, the cervix will shorten or efface and it will start dilating, or opening. These things progress slowly until actual labor hits."

HTH, but I'm sure one of the lovely mw who post here will be able to give you more reassurance soon!

Oakmaiden · 31/07/2003 17:50

Starfish - it is known as "multip's os" - basically if you have previously had a child it is not unusual for the cervix to be slightly open before labour starts. Sadly it isn't a sign that anything will necessarily be happening soon, and nor does the fact it is common mean that nothing will happen for ages. Your baby will come when it is ready - and whether that is tomorrow or in 4 weeks time cannot be predicted.

Your baby is now considered to be term, and really could be around any time. I am sorry that this DOES seem to be a traumatic issue for you, it must be so stressful to move just before a baby is due, but it is just a matter of wait and see.

starfish · 31/07/2003 18:41

Well, I was at the midwife this afternoon, so not being able to contain my curiosity, I put my embarrassment aside and told her.
What a mistake!
She said that I wouldn't even be able to feel my own cervix, so I said I didn't know what else it could have been! She said that I 'shouldn't be messing' anyway, (in a really schoolteacher-ish way and without meeting my eye) and she could examine me if I wanted, but she 'didn't really want to.' All this in front of a student Midwife as well, just to make me more embarrassed!
The whole appointment, blood pressure, feeling the baby's position, listening to the heartbeat, was done by the student, I wasn't asked if it was ok by me to let the student have a feel of my tummy as they usually do. The Midwife didn't speak to me throughout, just wrote down all the results of the checks on my notes without telling me what they were, and I was feeling so belittled for what I had mentioned before, I just stayed quiet.
I came home and just cried (soft, I know, but I feel a bit emotional at the minute anyway). She made me feel guilty and dirty and like I was a piece of meat to be prodded around, and sent on my way.

The experience has left me feeling like I will never voice any of my worries or concerns again to a Midwife in case I get a reaction like this. I thought they dealt with embarrassing concerns or questions all the time and were experienced at making you feel at ease.

Sorry this is such a long post, still feeling pretty sh*y.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 31/07/2003 18:55

What a nasty old witch. Complain if you're up to it. Of course you can feel your own cervix - if you have a cap you have to feel your cervix to check it's in correctly, so she's talking rubbish. Er, and whose body is this exactly? You're allowed to feel it if you bloody well want to! She also should have asked if it was OK with you before getting a student to carry out the appointment. Sorry you had a bad appt - like I said, complain if you're up to it and you can always ask not to see her again presumably.

Just wondering though, although it doesn't sound like the nicest appt, do you think you might be a tad touchy atm? You say you're anxious about this because of your horrible time last time and it's normal to be this emotional in pregnancy, esp this late on when you maybe just want it all to be over.

mears · 31/07/2003 19:03

Sorry you feel like this Starfish. Ofcourse you should be able to talk to a midwife about anything that is troubling you. I am sorry you got that response - do not let it put you off speaking about anything else. Your cervix does sit open as has been described by oakmaiden. It does not mean that labour is imminent. We were encouraged to feel our own cervixes (?) as student midwives to be able to identify non labouring ones. Of course you should be able to identify parts of your own body - just right it off as an unfortunate misunderstanding.

starfish · 31/07/2003 22:04

www, you could be right about me being a tad touchy atm, dh would probably agree (and be able to think of numerous other more descriptive words for my mood at times these days! )
I had a good cry on his shoulder earlier and feel a bit better now! I think it didn't help getting home to an empty house with no-one to talk to after my appointment.

Thanks Mears, that was the kind of answer I was hoping for from my own Midwife.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 31/07/2003 23:24

Starfish, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. A good cry can do wonders can't it? Did the same myself earlier for no good reason - pregnancy hey, aint it great?

flunny907 · 31/07/2008 19:00

Hello starfish, I am new to this however I thought I had to reply due to your obvious distress. Please do not worry about being dilated. I am a consultant obstretician and you are in no danger of prem delivery. Thats not to say you won't deliver early though but many ladies are dilated principally in their third trimester. Secondly, your consent had to have been given before a student midwife was allowed anywhere near you. Your midwife was negligent by ommission and further compounded this with abuse and lies. Please document this and report it when you feel ready and able. You have obviously had a tough ride but we are not all so bad!!!!!!!!!! Please tell your consultant how you feel ( and about the midwife) and this should be documented so that those caring for you when you do go in to hospital will look after you in a manner you deserve! The very best of luck

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