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Small Bump????

24 replies

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 18:34

Hi, I am 5 months pregnant and feeling a bit down and a tad worried.

Everyone i see like friends family etc keep saying to me god you are so small for 5 months wheres your belly bla bla.

It's now starting to effect me and i keep thinking maybe my baby is not growing or why am i still small. How big i am ment to be i don't have a clue! I have doctors on friday as we are going away and i am having a check up should i mention this or will i sound silly? Any advice appriciated.

I have to admit this has been a rough ride for me through this pregnancy and i am not sleeping and also have a toddler so i am struggling maybe this is all taking it's tole on me i don't know?? just hope my baby is healthy.

OP posts:
ebbie22 · 31/08/2005 18:40

Oh pls dont be worried,everyone carries there children differently...I am nearly 6 months gone and look huge,wheres with dd was tiny,and she was8lb,7.5ozs...
Pls dont worry xx

flamesparrow · 31/08/2005 18:42

I was tiny with Dd for ages too (mine was due to excessive sickness and me just not gaining weight, and DD nicking all my excess supplies!).

If you are worrying, then mention it at the checkup - they won't think you're silly, and can put your mind at rest.

gigglinggoblin · 31/08/2005 18:49

apart from getting fat, loads of people couldnt tell i was pg for months with both ds1 & 2. then at about 6 months i seemed to explode and everyone kept saying 'not long now then' in that annoying way cos they all though i was ready to pop. people guessed i was having ds3 at about 9 weeks! they are all different, unless your doctor or midwife is worried you should relax and just be grateful you can still fit throgh your frontdoor! am sure all will be fine

bambi06 · 31/08/2005 18:50

i was still in jeans a t 5 months! with my first and didnt put any extra weight on and i kept worrying but i was the right size for dates when they measured me it was just i have a long body so hid it well and my son was 8lb 8 oz so not small! and my daughter who was smaller ,i was huge with so it just shows

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 18:57

It's good to hear everyones stories about how different they carried. I have 1 ds who is 3 soon and i was quite small with him (football shaped) all front and only really put on my most weight in the last 2 months.

I am carrying different this time and i can tell i have grown as i don't fit in my jeans anymore, but i am coming out all round this time and from the sides not just the front.

It is just annoying when everyone i come across or see is always saying "blimey your small for 5 months" and then comparing me to someone else they know.

I suppose it is just making me worry as this has been a bad pregnancy and i had a mc before this and i am trying to just got to the end to be honest.

OP posts:
kama · 31/08/2005 19:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 19:14

Hmm Kama i would like to say i was eating well but i don't have an appetite, I also am not getting rest as ever since i have been pregnant i just can't sleep i wake up 3-4 times in the night and sleep from about 12.30pm till 7 am, when i am waking in the night it takes me 30 mins or so to go back to sleep. I have spoken about not being able to sleep to my doctor but they said there was nothing they can do at this stage.

OP posts:
katzguk · 31/08/2005 19:16

i was tiny all the way through even the midwife thought my bump was small. but when i laid down my bumo didn't. my midwife said i must have fantastic tummy muscles (don'tknow how). i ended upo giving birth to a 7lb 11oz baby and had tonned of waters!!

weesaidie · 31/08/2005 19:19

I was also small, kept waiting for a big bump to arrive. Only started being noticeable at 7 months I must say!

I did have a couple of extra scans in the eighth month because I was so small but those were just precautionary and everything was fine.

Don't worry!

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 19:19

I just remembered is well when i was pregnant with ds i measured small for my dates this was about 8 months so i had to have an extra scan to make sure he was still growing ok (which he was) and he was 7lb 14ozs and 10 days late.

OP posts:
Papillon · 31/08/2005 19:25

I am almost 6 months and get the same ALL the time BunnyBoo

2nd pregnancy and was small also with first.. but midwife was always happy when she examined the bump.

I was not sleeping well until I started working on what I wanted from my sleeping space... now I sleep on a softer surface - courtesy of large cushions and have my own duvet. I also keep water nearby but seemed to have trained myself to breathe through my nose so no longer get a dry mouth - hence less lying in wakeful states. Can you have a sleep when your toddler has her/his sleep? or even a lie down... important to not get overtired that inhibits sleep ever more.

Have you ever tried visualisation to get to sleep or back to sleep.. it can be a nice place you feel relaxed in imagining or feel each area of your body with your mind and let it relax and grow sleepy... can work wonders with persistence - might feel abit strange at first!

All the best

kama · 31/08/2005 19:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 19:34

Papillon - I will try that relaxation technique. I do lie there and stress and i also seem to have a million and one things on my mind. I can not get a sleep in the afternoons as my ds does not have naps anymore, if i let him nap in the afternoons i really do suffer with him at night and he just will not sleep. He is not the best sleeper at night anyway so sometimes all it takes is for him to come and wake me up which he does most nights, then once awake i just can not get back to sleep.

Kama - I have the odd day which i start to crave things like jam on toast lol or rice crispies but thats about it! I do find that when i eat i have to eat little but often, but i just seem to be wanting to drink and drink (water or orange juice) always thursty and also finding i am very very breathless a lot of the time. This pregnancy is sooooo different to my last i sailed through my last but this one has but me off being pregnant ever again it will all be worth it in the end though

OP posts:
PandaBear · 31/08/2005 19:41

Bunny, please don't worry about it! All through both my pregnancies everyone kept telling me I wasn't very big... including doctors and midwives who said I was small for dates - my DD1 was 8.7 and DD2 8.5. What does anyone know?? Try to relax and ignore what other people say - what gives them the right to comment anyway!!!

BunnyBoo · 31/08/2005 19:46

Thanks Pandabear i need to learn not listen and i am going to try and relax about it more now. I feel better for coming on here and hearing what others have said, its reassuring. Thanks

OP posts:
beatie · 01/09/2005 09:33

I'm due with my second baby and I am carrying small again. I'm 38 weeks and measuring about 4 behind. I have had g rowth scan and the baby is above avergae size so it is in there somewhere!

I think people can be very insensitive towards pregnant women. Why do they feel like they have a licence to comment on their size - big or small?

It has bothered me looking less pregnant than I am because I had two miscarriages inbetween my two healthy pregnancies and I felt like people were challenging whether I was actually healthily pregnant. Also, people don't move out of my way in shops or offer a chair so readily because they assume I am only 6 or 7 months pregnant when in fact, I am 2 weeks off my due date and unable to walk for any distance!

I am sure you baby is perfectly healthy. I don't see how women could possibly all carry the same way or look the same size.

Summer66 · 03/02/2008 09:38

Hi, I am 38 weeks pregnant this week and am going to get measured again on Thursday. At 36 weeks my bump measured 34cms. Was told that everything was fine, but that i was abit small. Tried to eat more that week, but just gave myself indigestion! Did feel abit worried as some other Mothers look so much bigger than me, but the baby is moving alot, and the midwife said that my 'bump' is all baby! I think that we're all different and we don't all increase in size in the same way!

LordCopper · 03/02/2008 10:28

My first baby, no one could tell I was pregnant until six months (including people who were getting changed next to me in gym). Dd was perfectly respectable 7lb 4oz at birth. Subsequent bumps been much more obvious...

BabyEllsBells · 04/02/2008 11:54


dont worry at all my mum put on 8 pound with me and i was 7pound 12. dont worry everyone is different my cousin is a size 8 she had nothing till she was 7 mths and then just got a small bump. she had an 8pound 12 baby.

micegg · 04/02/2008 16:29

I just wish people would keep their opinions to themselves. I am the opposite and get the 'you're so big' comments. Although I have also had the 'too small' on the same day . Everyone thinks they are an expert dont they.

wahwah · 11/02/2008 20:31

I got that in my previous pregnancy and this one too. My son weighted eight pounds and was fine. This time round I decided not to get upset and remember that I am quite slim and have good strong stomach muscles and they're probably comparing me to someone who's a bit dumpy and flabby!

wahwah · 11/02/2008 20:33

By the way, forgot to mention that I am 26 weeks and both receptionists at work, who I say hello to daily on my way in, only realised I was pregnant today because someone else mentioned it!

whomovedmychocolate · 11/02/2008 20:36

Yep, I had last week 'ah you just look like you've had a good lunch'

I think I look enormous but apparently to everyone else I just look like I've had pie.

BigBadMouse · 11/02/2008 20:51

bunnyBoo Yeah, same thing here. I am 26 weeks and keep getting told how tiny I am.

This is my 4th PG (3rd didn't last long) and I can safely say from photographic evidence that I am bigger now than I was full term with DD2 and DD1.

I can't sleep either, DD1 is 3.7 (I think ) DD2 21 months but, although they wake up regularly, I don't think they are the problem. I'm the same as you, I just want to get to the end I know my DC is OK - MC takes it toll as does looking after a toddler. I sit up until 1am (on MN unsually) as I can't bear going to bed just to lie there for 30 mins then be wide awake for an hour). Funnily enough I am shattered all day. I've got a sneaking suspicion I'll be paranoid about him when he is born too - and I was so laid back with the other two

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