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Washing hand knitted baby clothes.

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NoTeaForMe · 31/08/2010 12:32

Hi all,

I have a few hand knitted baby clothes and blankets and wondered how to wash them? is 40 degrees too hot for them, should I do 30? Don't really want to have to hand wash them!

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
kellestar · 31/08/2010 12:39

most knitters who knit for babies/toddlers use acrylic or wool mixes that can be washed at 30/40 as normal. Whenever I knit for someone, I let them know the care instructions. What wool it was, what to wash it on. And not to worry if it shrinks, as I will always knit another one :)

Was it a gift, it's worth a phone call to the gifter to ask what the care instructions are. Say you don't want to ruin their lovely gift.

NoTeaForMe · 31/08/2010 12:42

Well the main one I am worried about is one that my Great Grandma knitted for my my sister when she was born, can't ask her as she died 15 years ago!

Pretty sure that my Mom would have just flung them in the washing machine.

OP posts:
ShrimpOnTheBarbie · 31/08/2010 12:45

I put all of mine in a cold wash. They've all been fine. You could put them in a bra bag if you're not sure.

NoTeaForMe · 31/08/2010 12:54

I've got a hand wash cyc;e on my washing machine, shall I stick them in on that?!

OP posts:
InTheZenGarden · 31/08/2010 12:59

Can I hijack this and ask a question?

I would usually wash all shop-bought baby clothes before putting them on a newborn.... does the same apply to hand-knitted stuff? i.e. are there the same "nasty chemicals" in the wool as we are led to believe are in clothing?

TIA :)

Laska · 31/08/2010 13:13

I was all my woolens (even pure cashmere) in the machine on a wool wash / handwash cycle. I stick everything in a Lakeland laundry bag and use 'Persil Silk and Wool' and have never had any problems.

Laska · 31/08/2010 13:14

I wash all my woollens (even pure cashmere) in the machine on a wool wash / handwash cycle. I stick everything in a Lakeland laundry bag and use 'Persil Silk and Wool' and have never had any problems.

tablefor3 · 31/08/2010 14:09

Just don't do what I did and put my mother's lovingly hand-knitted blanket for DD in the washing machine (fine), then without thinking, put the whole load onto tumble dry..... We now have a very small, very solid woollen blanket.


In my defence, this was on about day 3 after DD was born. Fortunately, DM was not upset and a new blanket was duly produced about a week later.

NoTeaForMe · 31/08/2010 14:13

Oh tablefor3 ! I'm sorry, at least your Mom could knit you another one! phew!

Luckily I don't currently have a tumble dryer so I can't make that mistake, probably for the best.....!

OP posts:
buttonmoon78 · 31/08/2010 14:14

I knit for babies all the time. I only ever use cotton so that's fine on a 40 wash. If I received something I wasn't sure about, I'd probably put it on a hand wash/delicates cycle.

As an aside, when I've finished something, I always wash it before giving it to the recipient as it will smell lovely when it comes out of the box then!

NoTeaForMe · 31/08/2010 14:18

The new things smell OK, not lovely and fresh but Ok, I do know that the lady who knitted them smokes and although they don't smell of cigarettes I would still rather wash them myself. Like I said though one of the cardigans was used by my sister and myself as babies so its 31 yers old and has been in a drawer under a bed at my parents so definately needs a wash!!

I think I will put them in on 30 and cross my fingers?!?!

OP posts:
deemented · 31/08/2010 14:28

You could always handwash in cool water?

HandLaunderer · 07/05/2014 21:02

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