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transverse lie at 37 weeks *help*

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gabyaby · 28/08/2005 09:06

Hi, I'm 37 and a half weeks and hoping to have a home waterbirth. But baby has been oblique/transverse for the last few weeks. I really, really don't want a section!1 Any suggestions for how to get baby into a good position, words of encouragement?!

OP posts:
spacecadet · 28/08/2005 09:50

hi,theres always a chance that the baby might turn, but unlikely at this late stage, i dont know of any thing that can help im afraid, sorry i cant be of more use, will keep my fingers crossed though that your lo decides to turn, good luck

Kidstrack2 · 28/08/2005 09:59

Both mine were very late tuners my ds was 37wks and my dd was at 38wks and with my dd I was booked in for a c-section. But I crawled about on my hands and knees for about 2days LOL and done pelvic rocking and one nite about 9pm I felt a weird popping noise and lots of movement, when I went to midwife next day baby was head down and third in the birth canal. That was over 2yrs ago now lol

highlander · 28/08/2005 11:25

DS was oblique. He had a huge head as well (measured by the paed for 5 days after birth) and afterwards the OB said there was no way I could have pushed him out (just as well, as I had no intentions!). He had to be ventoused out

I had an elective CS planned anyway.

jabberwocky · 28/08/2005 11:28

There have been a couple of threads on this fairly recently. If not under current search they may be archived.

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