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Crappy consultants!!!!!!!!!!!

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HelenEmjay · 25/08/2005 19:01

Just spent over 2 hours waiting in a really hot,
sweaty waiting room for an appointment i had made with my consultant at my 12 week scan so i can discuss my elective c-section and he could give me the date, only to finally get in there and he tells me my consultant isnt here he's on holiday and so he will wait until next week and give me my date then!!!! ive only been waiting 24 weeks for today!!! sat in a hot smelly room for 2 hours waiting, and i must have only seen this man for about 5 minutes all in all!! - ALL for nothing! Im sorry to moan, but i am soooo unbelievably fed-up!
Helen 36+2 xxxx

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Cadmum · 25/08/2005 19:41

I am sorry that you are having such a rough time... Why did they not cancel your appt. if you have to go back in a week anyhow? I have been following your thread about OC and I certainly hope that you have an answer this time next week without a two hour wait.

Your rant is well deserved.

HelenEmjay · 25/08/2005 19:50

Thanks cadmum!! i hate to think im a moaning old mare, but i was worried last week about waiting until this week and now i have to do it all again! the midwife there said, we could pencil you in if you would like, his theatre days are mondays so it would have to be the 19th sept - my due date is the 22nd!!!!! they just dont seem to give a damn no matter how much i tell them im worried! so next week im taking my sister with me who is a nurse and a very outspoken and take-no-bullsh*t kinda nurse too!! so im going in armed and dangerous! feeling really really fed-up, i may go and sit in the bath for the rest of the night and sulk! They should have rung me and cancelled or something i have no idea at all why they didnt! poor dp took the afternoon off for nothing! - sorry moaning again!......... will stop now. xxxx

OP posts:
Cadmum · 25/08/2005 20:26

Are you still really itchy then? What (if anything) did the consultant that you saw today say about that? How frustrating for you. I wish I could offer more than a sympathetic ear.

Cadmum · 25/08/2005 20:27

I am still in the being sick all day/every day phase. 12 weeks tomorrow so I really hope to be feeling better soon.

HelenEmjay · 26/08/2005 09:00

Ooh cadmum - thats horrible i had bad sickness with my second and it was so awful - you just cant escaspe it for 2 minutes can you - its relentless!! you have my FULL sympathies! The consultant said that the itching could be nothing or it could be this OC, (well i kinda already knew that!) i said although the itching is very slightly better on my hands it is still everywhere else and im still worried about it and i have been for a couple of weeks now, i thought just leaving me until this thursday was bad enough!! all he suggested again was that we leave it for now (again) and i come back next thursday where he wants to give me a scan and see if baby i happy or not, and then depending on the outcome, will give me a date then! i dont what they think they will see! if i have OC then anything that happens to baby will be very sudden - what they think they will see her/him do on a scan im not sure! - she going to wave a flag and mouth HELP!! Sorry, believe it or not i have woke up in a better mood but the worry and what if's dont go away and thats the worst bit! - but your sympathetic ear is a great help - im sure its now just about numb with my ranting! - sorry if it is! How are you managing your sickness?im sure you have had it suggested a million times but i really found ginger to help although i made the mistake of buying a bottle of ginger ale and it only had ginger flavour in it NOT real ginger extract, dosey mare that i am sat there guzzlin this stuff and wondering why it had no effect! but drank lots of (proper) ginger ale/tea/etc and i ate little and often so my stomach never actually got empty - as that was when it was the worst for me, brrr it brings back memories. xxx

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