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Can I eat prawns????

16 replies

quackers · 23/07/2003 10:29

I love prawn curries, prawn cocktail, with avacado etc... and wondered if I can eat these - can't remember from last time!!

OP posts:
aloha · 23/07/2003 10:51

You can eat anything provided it is very well cooked and ideally served piping hot so hot curries are fine. You can eat cooked prawns but they are slightly more likely to give you food poisoning. Personally I loathe them so that wasn't a problem for me! You could certainly eat stuff you'd cooked properly at home in complete confidence

grommit · 23/07/2003 10:53

Quacker - unfortunately it is recommended that you should avoid shellfish - see details on what is and isn't safe here:

LucieB · 23/07/2003 11:06

Quackers - the advice is contradictory, it seems, although I have read that as long as shellfish is well-cooked, its fine to eat. I ate them last time and am eating them this time and have had no problems. Why don't you check with your midwife/gp if you are concerned?

aloha · 23/07/2003 11:13

Grommit, that only applies to raw or undercooked prawns. If it is in a dish, piping hot, you trust the restaurant or you've cooked yourself it's perfectly OK. For example, I at a lot of cooked goats cheese because I like it.

quackers · 23/07/2003 11:20

Thanks guys. I think I will only eat prawns if they are M and S and I cook them myself!

OP posts:
bunnyrabbit · 23/07/2003 11:32

I popped into the ante-natal ward for a check up yesterday and was given a prawn sandwich !! It was very nice...

quackers · 23/07/2003 11:46

Wow, that sounds like a posh antenatal place!!! Think I'll go there, I don't normall get to see that until 16 weeks here!

OP posts:
bunnyrabbit · 23/07/2003 12:14

I must have looked hungry...

bunnyrabbit · 23/07/2003 12:36

Not as posh as it's sounds, only hospital food... it's a newish ward at the hospital for checking out expectant mums. I was there for 2.5 hours!!

KMS · 23/07/2003 15:14

I have eaten prwns all the way through all 3 pgs. I don't eat meat so felt seafood and fish were inportant, but I do belive risk of food poisioning is higher so should avoid unless piping hot etc. (I know more people who had food poisoning from chicken than from prawns!!)

quackers · 23/07/2003 15:19

Thanks KMS. I had a prawn sandwhich at lunchtime, Fresh! It was so yummy. I don't eat a lot of meat so its good if I can have prawns specially as I enjoy them!

OP posts:
dino55 · 23/07/2003 22:18

I also love prawn sandwiches, but with mayonaise.I've been told mayonaise is out of bounds when your pg, does anyone know anything about this?

runragged · 23/07/2003 22:25

Mayonaise is only dodgy if it is home made, Hellmans etc is totally fine.

bunnyrabbit · 24/07/2003 09:07

It's 'cos 'real' mayonnaise contains raw eggs, so best avoided in good restuarants.

quackers · 24/07/2003 09:11

Yes and M and mayonnaose is made with pasturised eggs, so even better!

OP posts:
quackers · 24/07/2003 09:11

That should have been M and S!!!

OP posts:
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