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Final Countdown - what do I need to buy?

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Holymoly321 · 21/08/2005 15:40

Hi again,
Ok - so it's only a few weeks to go until B day! We've got the cot, the crib and the pushchair. We've got some nappies and a nappy bin and some baby wipes (B1G1F at Superdrug!. So what else do we need to get? How many blankets? What kind? Do I need nipple things? Sterilisers? How many sleepsuits or body suits is enough? What about 'outfits' or does baby just stay in body suits all day everyday if they're just at home or popping to the shops? I'm planning on going on a big final shop when I go on maternity leave next week and it would be so handy to have a list to work from. Any help would be fantastic as magazines are just confusing me and are often 'sponsored' by a store who obviously want me to buy everything they have on the shelves!
Many thanks

OP posts:
Distel · 21/08/2005 15:43

I would only buy vests and baby grows as clothes as this is the most common thing for people to buy as gifts.

You will probebly need 2 blankets but lots of sheets. My ds was very sicky and I seemed to get through loads.

mumtosomeone · 21/08/2005 15:44

bye 3 or 4 vests/bodysuits and same with sleepsuits as you will want to go and buy for it when its a person iyswim!!!!
I would get 4 fitted and 4 flat sheets and some muslin squares. a couple of cotton cellular blankets. An outdoor outfit. snow suit or jacket,depends on weather!!
are you breast feeding?
Cant think what else!!

puff · 21/08/2005 15:44

Fitted sheets are good, plus I was bought a couple of grobags, so didn't need many blankets.

Holymoly321 · 21/08/2005 15:51

I was wondering about the growbags = what do you put the baby in before you put them in one? Just a sleep suit? I'm hoping to breastfeed, but will obv have to see how it goes - I've never really been a 'breast' woman (poor dh - he love boobs!) so I'm not sure how that's going to pan out - guess will have to wait and see.

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 21/08/2005 16:13

You don't need big boobs, I promise

The grobags (the genuine ones I used anyhow) come with a diagram telling you what to put beneath, according to the weather- often it's just a vest, or a long sleeved tee shirt.

Really like the idea of them, have seen them successfully used by many people but have to confess my three wouldn't settle with them. They're seriously worth a go though, and Asda often does some pretty cheap ones for a tenner.

Miaou · 21/08/2005 16:23

Make sure you have plenty of breast pads, even if you don't end up breastfeeding, and lots of sanitary towels for you.

I put ds in a moses basket and swaddle him in a blanket, so I find that if he is sick the blanket gets it, not the sheet. I have four blankets, all washable, which I change each day. Fleece ones are good because they dry quickly

Ds (three weeks) has about six bodysuits and ten vests, plus about three or four "outfits" - I have only bought the bodysuits, everything else was gifts. I guess you are using disposable nappies - if you are using washable ones, however, you'll probably find the baby won't go into first size things as the nappy is too big to accommodate them.

Have you got a baby bath? I have got an over-the-bath one which is great as I have a bad back and therefore couldn't manage him in the bath. I could have bathed him in the kitchen sink but can't get the room warm enough!

Also you might want a sling to carry the baby around in. There are lots of recommendations on here of what to get.

nervousmum2be · 21/08/2005 16:39

A bottle of champagne to toast your new arrival

Miaou · 21/08/2005 16:54

You might also want something like this - ds sits/sleeps in it a lot when we are downstairs and I'm not feeding him.

And I second the muslin squares bit - most useful piece of equipment you could ever have IMHO!

Rachey1969 · 21/08/2005 17:24

My twopenneth for what it's worth: quantities really depend on how 'sicky' your baby is! - as well as muslins, I would get some newborn velcro bibs for feeds and a bit after. They don't really need wipes until they have substantial poo, breastfed babies just need water and cotton wool really.

  • don't buy moses basket/pram sheets and blankets - you will hardly use them, just fold the big ones in half (remembering to count the layers). A pillow case makes a good fitted sheet for basket or pram size mattress.

  • microwave sterilisers are cheaper than steam but they do melt some things! (think ahead to weaning)

  • if you are breastfeeding and leak a lot from the other side get some nipple shells (not shields) collect the spare milk to freeze for later.

  • baby baths are fairly pointless, how are you going to fill and empty it? you could manage with a (new) washing up bowl at the beginning and use the big bath later with a support or an over the bath type.

  • most newborns live in sleepsuits all day - just get some really nice ones, I think they look uncomfortable in jeans! have a couple of special outfits for showing off!

  • you will need more vests than you think as they can wee/poo all over them at change time.,

  • I think the wilkinet baby carrier is the best especially for newborns, practice first with a teddy though!

  • napisan to soak pooey/sicky stuff (it's magic!)

  • sudocrem for sore botties

  • a baby gym - keep them occupied for absolutely ages, get one that you can add your own toys to.

    IMO don't get...

  • long sleeved vests unless they are double jointed!

  • anything that doesn't have poppers down the legs, it's a right palaver to change and poo gets everywhere!

  • baby oil unless you are into massage, they'll be like a bar of soap!

  • baby talc - they breathe it in

    Erm, I could go on for ever! just get the basics, I'm sure you will get loads of pressies!
matnanplus · 21/08/2005 18:35

vests [value range] from boots, matalan, same for sleepsuits, sleepbag from asda, matalan.I would tend to buy the cheaper ones and at the right size probably 6-10 in each size, i change am&pm.

Milton to soak messy clothes and to sterilise dummies,bottles,nipple shells. Milton is the only liquid solution you don't need to rinse off, honest almost no taste, use a large container/jug to sterilise equipment.

a heartbeat/white noise sound box.

swing seat, the small easy to move type,rather than a vibro-bouncy seat.

pillowcases as sheets in basket or normal cot sheets folded down.

LOTS of muslins, i tend to buy white and add a dylon dye to give me a personal colour ie orange, purple.

Small velcro terry bibs again cheap and lots, tending to use a new one very regularly with a sicky baby.

a snuggly soft toy for baby to cuddle get 2 if baby takes to it or regularly wash and alternate different ones.

a sling, i prefere the ring slings as baby can recline. try this site

Infant seat, the are heavy empty so would go for a stage 0-1 seat that can be fitted into car rearward facing for now and at the appropriate time for childs weight be turned to forward facing, so 1 seat from birth to 4y.easy to see car seat guide

You will get toys and clothes as gifts.

Not to be down on bfeeding as believe it is great, but get in a pack of steri bottles just in case, in the past i have opened the wrapping and with a sharp knife cut off the 4 locking bits and reused the bottles after sterilising in cold water and milton for many months, handy if others can feed baby EBM, £1.99 for 4 125/250ml size.

moondog · 21/08/2005 18:47

The girls have covered pretty much everything!
IKEA is great for kids' stuff and incredibly cheap. I stocked up on flannels,bibs and little plates and cutlery.

My most useful things were a little foldover portable changing mat with pockets for spare nappies and a sealed box for wetwipes. From Great Little Trading Company or Blooming Marvelous.
Also a Polartec (fleece) all in one thing from Jojomamanbebe. Wonderful,so light and warm yet flexible with retractable mittens and foot coverings.

I agree with the babygro thing. They are so soft,easy and comfy. Hate seeing babies with tight waistbanded clothes. Let them be!!!

Nik72 · 21/08/2005 18:56

This is the email I sent my sister when she asked me the same thing.

"To be honest, there are very few absolute essentials to buy in advance - we managed to keep it to a minimum tempting though it is to go a bit berserk! More fun to go berserk after anyway!
Would suggest:
Babygros - we'll be able to lend you all our newborn ones anyway. Ele seems happiest in just a nappy and we find the short sleeved ones easiest if she needs clothes. We have a couple of newborn things but mostly 0-3 months. You'll probably get more outfits than you know what to do with as gifts, it's almost worth asking some folk in advance NOT to buy clothes but to get something like towels or mothercare
Cardigan/jacket for going outside +/- hat
Cot sheets & blankets - we had 2 sheets & 4 cellular blankets.
Sling - not essential but worth thinking about - Ele really settles in the papoose and it leaves both hands free - can even go to the loo wearing it. Got it from NCT but may well be able to lend you mine as she'll be in the baby bjorn by then.
Baby flannels
Baby wipes - useful for your nether regions too. Sensitive one best & you get some freebie packets in the bounty pack at hospital.
Lots & lots of sanitary pads. Disposable knickers were very handy for the first couple of days too.
Muslin cloths - ESSENTIAL...can use as blanket, swaddling; piddle, vomit & shit catcher. Terry towelling nappies also very handy for mopping up - I tuck one under my bra when feeding to catch dribbles & we use them to dry her.
Baby bath not essential straight away - we're going to give her the first bath tonight (Auntie Mandy's giving a demonstration!!) - just need a small plastic bowl for top &
tailing. No need for baby shampoo for newborn, just water.
Somewhere to sleep. I reckon newborns like somewhere snug like a basket rather than acres of cot after being tucked up in the womb. Ele is crap at sleeping anywhere other than on top of one of us!
Dummies - bugger what anyone says, otherwise you'll keep thinking they're hungry and trash your nipples. You'll probably trash your nipples anyway, so there's something to look forward to.
Lansinoh ointment & breast pads - for trashed nipples.
Steriliser. We got the microwave one. Probably not essential in advance but having said that we'd bought one within 24 hours plus some feeding cups and a breast pump. Not that we were panicking or anything....
Nappies - newborn. Pampers softer than huggies. Baby wipes.
Nappy sacks. Vaseline.
Car seat
Lots of paracetamol & ibuprofen

I personally wouldn't bother with thermometers or baby monitors though I know a lot of people do. Depends where baby sleeps at first but it'll probably be with you & if
people can't figure out water temperatures without the help of thermometers then they shouldn't be having children!!!
There are so many things that you feel guilt tripped into thinking you should have and they are mostly bollocks.
Honestly you wonder how the human race survived sometimes!!!

Looking back i wouldn't have bothered with the baby bath at all, we hardly used it before dd went into the big bath.
HTH. It gave my sister a giggle anyway.

PeachyClair · 21/08/2005 19:01

Would second the swing (esp. if you go to have more, they're lifesavers then!), and also milton- with a microwave etc steriliser you have to redo if it's been open for a while, with a Miltons you just leave the stuff in there until you need it- simple! I rapidly chucked my microwave one away (OK, I melted it ) in favour.

Slings I recommend the Baby Bjorn, but everybody is a different shape and size so try a few. We used our loads- we had at one point a baby in a buggy and another in a sling as it was so much easier than the double buggy! They're also great if you use public transport a lot.

If you like baby massage, Johnsons make an oil gel that gets absorbed quicker, so doesn't make baby greasy and slippery.

The most precious thing I had in many ways was a bottle of bubble bath I hadn't used before (it was Avent but it doesn't matter which); I used it in the post baby birth bath for myself, and then every time I used it it brought back so many precious feeling and memories- I use it at Christenings, birthdays etc., when I want to reminisce.

mumtosomeone · 21/08/2005 21:28

what is a heartbeat/white noise sound box.

A baby bouncy chair is great and I only ever had the cheap ones, dont need these fancy rocky things!
Plastic tupperware type box for steralising too!

matnanplus · 22/08/2005 01:13

a battery operated box that has a recorded heartbeat, some have other noises also, baby focuses on that so less easily disturbed, use at every nap/sleep and it acts as a queue to the baby that it is now time to sleep, if you leave it on low then can help baby settle again in the night if not hungry.

like this

or this

or this

or this

mumtosomeone · 22/08/2005 08:17

oh, never heard of one before!!
Do you think it is essential equipment?

MaloryTowers · 22/08/2005 08:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumtosomeone · 22/08/2005 08:39

I got a list from the hospital i think!
Cant remember!!
But you really dont need much, and you will get loads of pressies. Plus you can shop for what you have forgotten or find you need when baby arrives!!
Must Haves : Muslin squares! couple of towels. If using a baby bath I think a cheap shower curtain for under it is good about £1 from Asda!
vests and sleepsuits.

Oh and need chocolate!!!!

clary · 22/08/2005 09:06

hello smiling
I would avoid at all costs all the baby toiletries which seduced me with ds1. All you really need is a bottle of baby bath - no moisturiser, talc, baby cream etc etc.
My children lived in vests and babygros until they were a couple of months old, I think this is fine.
I reckon you need about 6 of each in newborn and 0-3 size, newborn will be too small v quickly but you will need them unless you have a very big baby.
I had 2 x crib sheets and 2x crib blankets, same for the cot.
If you are breastfeeding you prob won?t need a sterliser at first, also things like nipple shields are not reccomended.
Remember (I know it sounds daft!) that you can still go shopping afterwards for anything you have forgotten!
Muslin squares useful, also yeah agree re bouncy chair, buy a £10 one it?s all you need.

mumtosomeone · 22/08/2005 09:19

dont forget the chocolate!

matnanplus · 22/08/2005 09:33

can live without but i find it helps settle baby as a familar sound along with being swaddled less of a shock to the system.

Hayls · 22/08/2005 09:35

Definintely muslin squares
Bouncy chair and/or swing.
PLay mat.
Don't bother with toiletries- water is fine.
If you buy a car seat try to get one with a hood on it- a mistake we made as dd constantly got wet/windy/sunny.
I would get a steriliser even if you are breast feeding- I never used bottles but sterilised bowls etc when weaning.
Lots of breast pads and sanitary towels.
Some lightweight cardigans- its better to layer clothes rather than a thick coat.
Gap socks are the best at staying on.
Sounds obvious but have you got a cosytoes, raincover and sun shade for the pushchair? I also got a raincover for the car seat.
I wouldl get a couple of outfits but for the first while bodysuits and a cardi should be fine. Long sleeved sleepsuits are good for night time. A tip is when people ask if there's anything you need to ask for things in a bigger size or you'll end up with 50 newborn outfits.
Grobags are good but I think the baby has to weigh 11 lb first so you'll need a couple of blankets to start off with- 2 or 3 sheets (fitted and flat) and 3 or 4 blankets should be plenty.

mumtosomeone · 22/08/2005 11:34

YOU need chocolate.
Still dont think you need a stereliser..plastic container and tablets work fine!

Holymoly321 · 22/08/2005 11:44

Thanks so much to everyone for the advice! Just this weekend a friend gave us a huge bag full of clothes that are now too small for thier little bub - which is fantastic! I've now got a list together of all the other things we need to get. Think I'll leave the baby bath thing though and just get a new washing up bowl just for baby and a bath seat to sit in our bath - agree that I can't see how I can fill and empty a baby bath! What are people's feelings about changing mats though? Baby's room is very small and so a changing unit is out of the question. Was thinking of getting an over the cot type changing mat - is this a foolish waste of money? Should we just get an ordinary changing mat and use it on the floor or on the kitchen table?

OP posts:
Nik72 · 22/08/2005 11:58

changing mat on the floor should be fine, safer than a unit once they start wriggling everywhere too.
Agree re chocolate- you can't cope without it. It's probably time to mention the Ancient tradition of the Eternity Ring to your DH too!!!!

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