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Getting ready for morning sickness

19 replies

arabella2 · 22/07/2003 09:14

Hi Everybody
Have only just found out that I am pregnant and am as yet not feeling sick. However with ds I felt sick A LOT, I am really not looking forward to this bit. Anybody got any suggestions of good rememedies - I know about ginger but are there other things. With ds I just tended to feel awful until it went away but I want to try and deal with it this time. Is there anybody who has not had morning sickness, and if you don't have it does it mean that the pregnancy is "weaker"?

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musica · 22/07/2003 09:32

Eating/drinking anything icy cold - ice lollies like Calippos are particularly good.

ANGELMOTHER · 22/07/2003 09:33

Congratulations arabella2, the first part is the hardest though isn't it.
I had morning sickness with both and second time around is more challenging as you also have someone else to care for.

The key to it all was sleep for me, the more sleep you get the better you feel and the easier it is to combat the nausea.
Also sea-bands to wear on your wrist and eating little and often.

Best of luck, this stage will be over before you know it

zebra · 22/07/2003 09:44

I took 100mg of Vit. B6 each day -- it was wonderful. I could eat again. Until then I had been sick 3-4x/day, and with the B6 I stopped vomitting within a week, although I was still VERY funny about what I could eat for a further 6-8 weeks.

I have some sea-bands I am trying to sell (admit they didn't work for me at all). I'll email you (Arabella2) if you're interested.

bunnyrabbit · 22/07/2003 09:51

Hi Arabella2,
You asked if anyone didn't have any morning sickness.... I'm afriad I had none.

I'm 34+4 and this baby is certainly not weak!!! It's trying to kick it's way out of my tummy as I write this... so don't worry if you don't feel sick. The only down side of this is that other pregnant women will be very envious.

I think the key for me was eating little and often and never letting myself get hungry. The only time I did, I had had a dodgy couple of minutes in Tescos where I felt a bit dizzy.

I even made myself eat as soon as I got up in the morning, which is something I can't do normally!!

Good luck!


oliveoil · 22/07/2003 09:51

Never had it - please don't hate me - but I have heard that eating dry crackers in the morning can help, or eating mints when you have a wave of nausea. Also, eating a banana in the night when you are up anyway, going for a pee for the 12th time, not sure how this works but I read it somewhere.

WideWebWitch · 22/07/2003 10:38

Arabella, I didn't have any morning sickness with ds (now nearly 6yo) and haven't had much this time either - just the odd bit of indigestion, no true sickness. So I don't think it's any indication of the strength or viability of your pregnancy - you just either get sick or you don't. Congratulations!

aloha · 22/07/2003 10:59

I never felt a single second of nausea with my ds. It's not, I believe, an indication of the 'strength' of your pregnancy. You can be sick in one pregnancy but not in another though.

Ghosty · 22/07/2003 11:10

Arabella ... congratualations!
I am 12 weeks pregnant and still suffering from sickness ... hopefully it won't be for too much longer now (15 weeks with DS).
Tips ... well, I find that very little works for me I am afraid as I am permenantly feeling sick. When relief comes it is usually short as the sickness comes back soon after ... but there are a few little things ...
a) Cold things ... drinks with ice cubes ... Ice lollies ...
b) Eat little and often. I feel awful when I get too hungry but if I eat too much I throw up ...
c) Avoid strong smells ... smoky atmospheres and strong cooking smells like garlic and curries.
d) Sleep ... easier said than done when you have other children I know, but the only time I don't feel sick is when I am asleep.
e) Avoid fatty things ... I hate anything greasy at the moment ... not a bad thing to hate I know!
f) Avoid anything that leaves an after taste. I had the most delicious rice salad at the weekend for lunch ... and then suffered for the rest of the day thanks to the spring onions in it.
Hope that helps ....
I personally feel happy that I am feeling sick as I know for me it is a good sign ... but I do know lots of people who don't suffer morning sickness and have healthy pregnancies ... so don't worry about that bit!!
Take care ...

yoghurtgirl · 22/07/2003 11:29

Hi arabella

I am 17 weeks and it has only just eased off. Most of my friends who had babies had none at all (all have healthy babies) and I was totally unprepared for what it was like. I ate loads of ginger at first but it went from hero to zero after I began voming it up (sorry) and I soon had to get dh to 'de-ginger' the kitchen as the thought of it had me running. The key things which helped me were: yoghurt by the gallon (thus the name), cucumber, and raspberries - never been that wild about them before but they just seem to taste delicious at the mo. Peppermint tea helped. Totally agree with the points about sleeping helping and making sure you don't get hungry - I am still like a baby needing regular feeding - if I 'go beyond' I feel dreadful and am likely to throw toys out of prams bigtime. Hope this helps but better still - hope you don't get struck down......

huppa · 22/07/2003 12:24

Arabella2, I tended to feel sick the whole day, but what really helped in the morning was to eat 1 or 2 rich tea biscuits before I got out of bed and then I waited about 10 minutes before getting up. Don´t know if this will be possible if you´ve got to get up for ds.
Good Luck

badjelly · 22/07/2003 13:19

I kept a packet of gingernut biscuits next to the bed after I started throwing up in the shower one morning (mmm, lovely to paddle in!) and they worked a treat. The first few mornings I had to eat them lying down but after that progressed to sitting up in bed eating them - it was a great excuse for crumbs in the bed (especially as I did it on dh's side after he had gone to work). Not allowed to do it anymore though!

bluecow · 22/07/2003 16:58

Arabella2 - I was sick all the way through with ds (hope you're not). Found fruit (which I'm normally not too bothered about), yoghurt, toast and fizzy drinks the best thing. And Angelmother is right about the sleep - I used to go to bed as early as I could.

GenT · 22/07/2003 20:54

First of all try not to get sick or catch a cold, you will feel horrible and totally not yourself. Your immune system is very low already since the body needed to be in that state to accept the sperm.
If you like toast, go for it, it is easily digested and with plain bread the system can do no wrong.
On a normal basis I drank lots of juices, especially citrus juices, with lots of acid content. I had to limit my intake during my first trimester when I found out I was pregnant it was making me sick. Milk always seemed good as it was nice and cold, and soothing at bedtime. Peppermint tea is great when you start burping. It is also refeshing cold, fruit teas on a whole.
I ate lots of ice, every drink had to have ice, that my friends told me when my waters broke it will be ice cubes., I dare say when it did, it was more like a fire engine's hose gushed opened.

arabella2 · 23/07/2003 11:32

Thank you very much for all your suggestions and kind messages.
The reason I asked about sickness being an indication of a strong pregnancy is because when I had my miscarriage long before ds was born I hardly felt sick at all yet with ds I did feel sick.
No feelings of sickness yet but I am not even 5 weeks so...
Am a little worried that the fact that I am breastfeeding may make me more prone to a miscarriage but don't know how to stop at the moment.

OP posts:
janh · 23/07/2003 15:02

arabella, I saw somebody on A Baby Story yesterday who said "I don't believe in morning sickness and nausea so I didn't get it"...!!!

FWIW I had absolutely no nausea with first preg, had it in varying degrees with the next 3, but not until after week 6. Although nausea can be a good sign, that doesn't mean no nausea is a bad sign. Good luck!

zebra · 23/07/2003 15:12

I am pretty sure it's a myth about breastfeeding being related to miscarriages, Arabella. Like a lot of women I know I was still feeding my DS for a few months into a completely successful next pregnancy.

podgegl20 · 23/07/2003 16:27

I found cold ginger beer worked to some extent.
Also eating something like a muffin or currant bun before i went to sleep at night so that i didn't get too hungry in the night. I was sick all the way through for my first ds and until about 20 weeks for my second. I do sympathise it's horrible - you always have to look out for toilets in case you get cut short. Hope you don't suffer too badly this time.

quackers · 23/07/2003 16:45

Hi Arabella, thought I'd say hello! I'm about 5 weeks gone and have had a previous m/c in march. I will certainly share your anxieties and feelings about this!I am keen to feel sick too. My first I felt sick but wasn't and then the one I miscarried I didn't feel as sick, but every pg is SO different! Why don't you come over to the Due In March thread, you'll be able to compare notes with us there as 3/4 of us are just on the starting blocks! I am just really keen to get a scan at 8 weeks but they don't really have any formal procedure her andmy Doc just has to add a note on my form, whch they will be lucky to see!!
Take care! Hoep to speak on the March thread!

arabella2 · 24/07/2003 09:00

Thanks again. Thanks for reassurance Zebra. Anyway it's kind of in the hands of the gods isn't it, whether you have a miscarriage or not in the 1st 12 weeks... (or after I suppose but that must be dreadful, my m/c last time was at 10 weeks).
Quackers, thank you for your invite - I will post on that thread, I am just a little daunted about all the messages to get through to really know what is going on

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