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How much does your baby move around?

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Holymoly321 · 19/08/2005 09:34

Hi all,
I'm 35 weeks pregnant and the baby is driving me mad! He is on the go so much that I'm terrified I'm going to have a hyperactive fractious baby once he's born! Sometimes he's moving around so much and with such strength that I'm jumping out of my chair! I'm finding it really really difficult to get any sleep because his moving around makes everything so uncomfortable. I know I should be pleased that baby is active, but is it normal for a baby to be THIS active? It's my first time round so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it seems to me an awful lot of jiving is going on in there! What are other mum's thoughts? Did you have a very active baby in the womb and did they turn out to be hyperactive baby's? I'm getting worried!!
Many thanks.

OP posts:
mumtosomeone · 19/08/2005 09:36

Used joke that mine did kick boxing on a monday aerobics was wednesday night and so on.
Everything will be fine, you only have a few weeks to wait too..lucky you!

luvlymum · 19/08/2005 09:37

My baby was very active in the womb, drove me mad but she's 7 month old now and is not hyperactive she's a really good little baby and sleeps all night etc, so don't worry you're just carrying a healthy baby.

iris66 · 19/08/2005 09:43

Hi smiling - I'm only 19 wks but mine is already bouncing on my cervix and uses my belly button like a punch bag so I'm dreading it getting bigger and stronger!!! This one is so much more active than dd was but, as they say, every pg is different. (dd was a very chilled baby even though I was stressed at work through most of my pregnancy)I've heard that how relaxed you are makes a difference as the more chilled you are the better the blood flow to the baby so it is more likely to be active. well done you for not being stressed!!!!

sweetkitty · 19/08/2005 09:50

yea completely normal DD loved to whack my ribs

Was so funny in meetings at work when you could see her moving everyone wuld be watching my belly. I knew where all her bits were towards the end and used to rub her she seemed to like that and calm down.

I'm 19 weeks with no 2 and it's a livewire too have been feeling flutterings since 13 weeks.

expatinscotland · 19/08/2005 09:51

I'm 23 weeks and baby is prodding. It moves most at night, though, as I fall asleep, so I'm certain I sleep through a lot of its biggest movements.

Holymoly321 · 19/08/2005 10:00

Wow - I love this website! Phew! Well that's really good to know. Was at a meeting last night and had to leave half way through because he was moving so much and I kept yelping! People were beginning to stare at my convulsing stomach! Men really have no idea what we go through!

OP posts:
iris66 · 19/08/2005 10:05

I've been banned from snuggling into dh's back at night as he can't stand the prodding! - seems a bit of a cheek really since his prodding is what caused it!!! lol

Toothache · 19/08/2005 10:08

Smiling - lol... that brings back memories. I had 2 VERRRRRRRY active babies who always seemed to have the hiccups. Neither turned out hyper.

My friends baby moved about so little that she was constantly being strapped to monitors...... he has been WILD since birth, never stops!

Rachey1969 · 19/08/2005 10:43

Hi Smiling, it's lovely to have an active baby, reassures you that all is well. I have to say that ds2 was so active in pregnancy that he wrenched my stomach muscles apart and gave me a hernia and I had to wear a girdle thing due to his churning. In labour he went beserk and mesmerised all of us watching my bump swing from one side to the other - turns out little darling was swivelling on his head and turned posterior (ouch). He didn't turn out to be hyperactive though just stubborn!

Redhelen · 19/08/2005 17:22

smiling - my bump has 'beaten me up' since 18 weeks! - I keep reminding myself that its wriggly and not necessary noisy! All the best xx

Minky34 · 22/08/2005 12:32

In the begining it was mostly when I was still and quiet but now (30 weeks) I am getting a pounding almost constantly, from the wriggling to hefty kicks/punches. something along the lines of half hour active, then an hour quiet (sleeping? maybe)

All the best

HelenEmjay · 22/08/2005 12:56

Hiya smiling! this is my third baby and im 35 weeks, for what its worth all my babies have been really really active and they have all been really good babies! this baby has been kicking the cr*p out of me since 6.30 this morning i truly think he/she is going to break out literally soon if she doesnt calm down, my poor old ribs and muscles are shot-at! you know when they kinda do that stretch?? its very cute, but uurrrggghhh!!!!

mawbroon · 22/08/2005 14:08

Mine is a wriggler too. I'm 30 weeks just now. DH had his ear on my bump to listen to it (not sure what he thought he might hear other than gurgling noises) and he got a kick in the face!!

I also let out a yelp the other day because i got such a fright at the huge movement the baby made without warning.

What makes me laugh is that i am very lazy and don't think it gets it's hyper behaviour from me!!

Best wishes

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