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Transitioning from bare bum success to wearing pants and clothes

SlB09 · 09/08/2020 22:19

DS is 3 next month. He is a stubborn chap who does the opposite to anything you suggest doing bit with subtle encouragement he will reliably wee and poo in the potty if he is bare bottomed. We don't have to even remind him, he just makes his way to the potty (or occasionally if in the garden will 'water the grass').
Problem is, as soon as he has anything on his bottom half he denies he needs a wee then eventually just wets himself. If you try andgethim to 'try' on the potty before that and he's playing or busy or just doesn't want to he absolutely will not try and I don't want to cause a big deal out of it or he will just regress having the character he does.
I tried with pants first off but read sometimes these contribute to the wetting as they feel snug like nappies so tried just loose trousers........this really hasn't worked!!
I'm at a loss of how to proceed. I don't want to keep going backwards and forwards with nappies but he doesn't care if he has wee all over him and is wet.
Experienced mummies, please offer me your tips!!!

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