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Won't tell me when he pees on the floor

SleepingStandingUp · 22/07/2020 11:03

We're toilet training, obv
So just in oants/bare bottom, sending him up to the loo hourly but sometimes my timing is out/one of the twins needs something and he has an accident.
No both, take your pants off, get new ones etc. He knows he's not in trouble.


he doesn't frigging tell me so I'll suddenly notice his pants are wet or there's a puddle. No matter what I say, he won't tell me. I don't think he's ashamed, shoes no signs of distress just like oh yeah...
Occasionally hell be like uuggjj I didn't mean to do that as its coming out but most the time nothing.

How do I get him to tell me? He's perfectly capable of articulating that he's wee'd on the floor

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