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Frequent poo accidents

Mumofboys17 · 29/06/2020 13:59

Hi all.. I’m a first time Mum, so please be gentle!

My DS is 2 years and (almost) 8 months. We’ve been potty training for a couple of weeks now, and when he’s with me he’s doing such a good job. He’s getting really good at telling me when he needs a wee and - slowly but surely - the wet accidents are decreasing.
But poo.. totally different story. Doesn’t matter what I do/say/try, he will always poo in his pants. He hides away and does it without telling me, or if I catch him before he starts it’s like it stops him completely and he doesn’t go at all.
I know the poo comes later in this whole process and takes more time, but what do I do?! He’s doing this at least once a day and it’s an absolute nightmare. I don’t want to put him back in nappies because I feel it will just confuse him and be a massive step back. We talk about it lots and I explain to him when he has an accident he needs to tell mummy, and he then helps me clean up the mess. We use stickers as a reward for using the potty/toilet and that works really well for wee’s..
He also goes to nursery. Has a lot more accidents there but guess that’s because he’s occupied.
Am I kidding myself? Is he just not ready? Or is this a serious baptism of fire and a normal part of potty training 😬

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