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Next stage: out and about

Georgia502 · 16/02/2020 09:48

My toddler is 2.5yrs and nursery consider her potty trained. At home and out and about she asks when she needs a wee and poo, goes to the toilet and all is ok. She uses a toilet with seat in nursery and at home. It's been this way for some months and she learnt fairly easily.

When it comes to outings however at the weekend, we have to take a potty everywhere. We struggle to get her to wee before we leave the house, when she needs a wee out, we have to react quickly using the potty wherever we are (street, park etc). She is happy to use it out. This has been the case however for some months now.
How do we progress to the next stage, where she will use the toilet out and about and hold her wee if there isn't a toilet (not needing the potty?). Just not sure how to do this? Or how long this stage should last? We'd really like to not have to take the pram everywhere so we have a potty and all clothes with us.
Any help would be appreciated!

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