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Losing hope!

mamansnet · 12/10/2019 22:54

Hi everyone,

I know there's another thread on this at the moment but I need urgent advice!

We move house in a month and DS (3 in January) is starting school, for which he needs to be toilet trained. He knows what to do and at the beginning of his training in August, if he had no nappy on, he'd sit himself on the potty to wee and poo, no problem. Had it nailed. Then we went on holiday and it all changed.

Now, it's a different story. He won't ask for the potty and shouts 'Potty NO!' every time you suggest it, even when he clearly does need to go. He can pull his nappy/trousers up and down but won't do it unless you insist.

I think he's happier on the potty than the toilet (he won't poo on the toilet at all) and I thought of doing potty only in case he's unhappy switching between them. But his childminder who I can't stand for several reasons is refusing to give him the potty and insists on putting him on the toilet every 90 minutes.

I suspect it'll click when he sees other kids doing it in school, but I'm terrified the school will call and say they won't take him after all because he's not ready yet.

Is there anything I can do?! He's in pull-up nappies and I can't just stop the training as the school needs him to be ready. I've tried him in underwear/trousers only but he just wets himself anyway and doesn't care. Starting to feel he's doing it just to test me 😭 any advice grateful received!

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Yakadee · 16/10/2019 21:08

That sounds tricky, awful with the added pressure of needing to do it quickly.

We're only 3 weeks in to training (although my son is a bit older - thankfully his nursery accept with being trained) so I'm not at all an expert etc, however wondered if you could do what I did (to get my son to poo on the loo). I just detracted him, discreetly took his trousers / pants down and sat him on, he hardly even realised and then he went anyway and I praised him loads etc.

You've probably tried but this worked well for us on this. We used bubbles.

Good luck x

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