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Question about poo

Mol1628 · 17/08/2017 14:28

Sorry another PT post.

We started a week ago Monday so it's a week and a half. He's 29 months.

Good things
He can wee on demand
He usually/often takes himself for a wee
He has had 3 days of dry nights and big wee as soon as he wakes up in the potty

My problem is Poo. He seems to be holding it in causing constipation therefore we have just occasional little nuggets spaced out through the day instead of his usual one or two big poos. He doesn't get to the potty he just does it in his pants, along with a bit of wee, and then comes to me crying that there's poo in his pants. We put it in the potty, say next time try get it in there not pants and flush it away. But then he does the exact same thing later.

I don't really know what to do. I'm reluctant to go back to nappies because he has done quite well, he only tends to have wee accidents once a day, or not at all, and the night dryness has just happened recently so I hope that continues. This morning I caught him in time having a poo and he did get it on the potty with prompting from me, but it was just a small amount and the rest came out an hour later in pants 🙄

Does anyone have any tips for poos on the potty or should I just leave him to figure it out? He knows what he should do, and sometimes he even tries to poo on the potty but it's like when it's about to come he just doesn't do it! Never had this with my first son so it's a bit of a surprise.

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