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No more dirty nappies, how to crack wees?!

thescruffiestgiantintown · 25/01/2016 21:20

DD is almost 2 and has been pooing on the loo for months now. It was all her own doing - we had a potty out from about 12 months and talked about it, and then she started using it of her own accord and very happily moved on to the loo.

Since she was (I felt) quite young when this started, I didn't do much to cement things, which I now regret. I used to give her the option to wear a nappy or pants each day, and when she wore pants I would encourage her to use the loo and we would have a few dry days, and then a few days with one or two accidents, and so on. I rather foolishly assumed that she would simply 'train' herself with wees as she had with poos.

Unfortunately it's gone the opposite direction and I now have her in a pull up every day because she'll have 3/4 accidents. When she's at home I still put her in pants/leave her bum naked if she asks and she'll tell me about 50% of the time in advance of a wee, and the other 50% she'll let a bit dribble out and then tell me and do the rest on the loo.

I'm keen to get this cracked now, if possible, but she's also going through a bit of a "no!" stage and therefore won't happily sit on the loo before going out/getting in the car/every few hours etc like she used to.

What would more knowledgeable Mums advise? Just leave it and hope it'll be easier in a few months? Or are there good ways to encourage at this stage? Thank you!

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