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Holding it in - any tips to get it out? Concerned re potential explosion.

openerofjars · 19/02/2015 10:52

DD is 2.8 and we started potty training on Saturday, so today is day 6. She had a good start but is now holding in both wee and poo yet is also happy to sit on the potty (she's there right now, watching Mr Maker and eating grapes). She is adamant that she doesn't want a nappy on, has woken up distressed by a wet nappy for a couple of nights and was actually dry this morning. She has done some wees in the potty over the last couple of days (but more in her trousers) and one poo in her pants and one in the potty.

She isn't sleeping well, which is unusual for her but I remember DS's sleep going peculiar when potty training as well. She's a bit off her food but then this is understandable as she has a sniffle and, well, there can't be much space left inside her. I reckon she has now gone 10 hours without a wee and two days without a poo, but it's got to come out at some point, surely. Hasn't it?

Is there anything I can do to get her to actually release her wees and poos, -short of squeezing her ? My eyes are watering on her behalf: it must be excruciating.

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