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nappy nightmare!!

Mrsfullhouse · 01/07/2014 12:52

Ok- I'm going to start this by saying... This is not a joke!
If I were to read what I'm about to write, I'd probably snigger a bit and put the poster down as a lunatic, but I promise you this is a genuine problem!!!

So- we're having a bucket load of trouble with my beautiful 16 month old son. The problem is... He has an extraordinarily large Willy and it has a life of its own!!

It will not fit into the nappies that fit his body size- tried different makes and sizes, tuck it very carefully in each time we have change him and do everything correctly, however it always manages to sneak its way out of the side or even the top and he ends up weeing all over his clothes/ bed/ me!!

I have approached the hv about whether the size of it is normal/ healthy... And she raised her eyebrows and said 'my goodness! It's like a confident sea snake!'

So I guess my question is, do they make nappies for babies with large willies? (he's only tiny and it's two inches long, which is mid thigh when walking!!)

Oh God. I feel stupid for asking, but any advice? I'm fed of occasion constantly washing clothes/ bedding/ floors/ me!!!

Thanks x
(have also posted in 'parenting'as not sure where this best fits!)

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