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Poo witholding in a 6 year old

CarefulUpThere · 28/08/2013 23:17

Anyone else?
Dd has has issues with witholding poos almost since was potty trained.

She gets v stressed about it , uncomfy, builds up to having "sneaky poo", eventually does it then cycle starts again. Mostly she does 1-2 poos a week now, sometimes 3. Hasn't had proper impaction though thankfully.

Have tried: lactulose, movicol, syrup of figs, fybogel and even glycerin suppositories. Plus star charts for ages and bribery with choc/ice cream etc. The glycerin works now when we get desperate as she then does he poo to avoid the glycerin but takes half an hour of arguing about it in bathroom first.

Have seen Eric website and read the children's bits with her.

I'm so fed up of t being an issue. Also get frustrated that taking meds becomes an added source of stress and when she just won't even try.

She is fed up too.

Need to go back to gp.

Would love to hear from anyone with similar issues or any success stories...

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