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Busy few months, when should I start?

sleepcrisis · 16/07/2013 13:23

DS has just turned 2 but been showing signs for months. Always tells me when he's doing a wee wee and loves to tell me he's going to do one in the bath then stands up and performs.

Last night he did a wee on the potty, umprompted, for the first time. So I decided today was going to be the day. But we have so much coming up I don't know how we'll manage.

We have visitors this weekend, then we are flying somewhere for an over night trip next week, then going to france on the ferry for 2 weeks with lots of driving. In France we will be staying at one place though, so I thought maybe we could give it a go there? Otherwise we're looking towards the end of august, and on the alst weekend of August we have another long driving trip in France.

Am I being ambitious or should we wait til September. But then he starts pre school! argh. There is never a right time!

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