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Was dry at night now back to weeing in pants all day

bubblensqueak · 01/05/2013 20:51


DS is 2yrs4months and has been potty trained for two months. He has been loudly declaring "wee wee/poo poo coming" for this amount of time and sitting on the proper toilet rather than a potty for about a month.

Although I still put him in a pull-up nappy at night, they've been dry nearly every morning for the last month.

Suddenly, he's regressed. He had three wees in pants at nursery today, four at home yesterday and two the day before. He hasn't told me at all that he needs the loo, and there have only been fewer accidents because I've been plonking him on the loo at random moments.

He had one poo accident a week ago, but otherwise with careful monitoring and prompting he's been fine.

Is this quite normal? Any advice? Thanks!

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niniminnie · 01/05/2013 21:17

Even though he has been potty training it might not be completely ready. Try again doing it any in a couple of weeks. But don't put you off my daughter didnt the same thing on and off for about 6months just started potty training my son two weeks ago and he has got it already with only a few mishaps. All children are different if you feel like you shouldn't stop trying turning it into a game and remember to praise him all the time and make a big fuss everytime he goes. I've have a reward chart where you can get from or I believe it is and move him up to the next number (goes up to 10) each time he goes on potty/toilet and he can have a treat when he gets to 10 can be the smallest thing like going to the park etc..
I hope he manages to do it soon. Don't rush him or pressure him, make it fun and maybe decorate his potty with him.
Don't stress he will do it in all good time!
Good luck sweet :)

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