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Holding Himself and Crying

Scout19075 · 09/04/2013 22:31

SmallBoy is 3.5. We tried training earlier in the year, it stressed him out so we didn't continue. We have a seat with handles that goes over the toilet and he's really comfortable with it loves putting it on and sitting on it fully dressed-- and chatting away from the toilet.

Yesterday he was absolutely insistent that he was going to "pee on the toilet and get a chocolate train." He knows that the first time he does a pee and the first time he does a poo on the toilet he'll get a chocolate train (and he sooooo wants one he had one in January for being brave and listening well to his teacher for his first swim lesson without me in the water and sometimes talks of nothing else as we go about teeth or nappies or anything relating to the bathroom).

Thinking it wouldn't come to anything, I encouraged him to put his seat on the toilet and we took his nappy off. Surprisingly he sat quite happily for 15 minutes. Nothing happened but it was progress (before he would sit on the seat/toilet but only clothed). We went out for four hours (to the park) and when we came back he started on again about wanting to pee on the toilet for a chocolate train. I encouraged him again and after a few minutes he did a poo! Shock

Mid-poo he asked if he was going to get his chocolate train. Grin

Lots of praise and then the coveted treat after wiping, hand washing, etc.

He wanted to sit on the toilet before bed and again he did a poo in less than five minutes!

Brilliant! I thought.

Today I put him in color-changing pull-ups, we talked about keeping the picture on the pull-up, and he was desperate to keep the picture there and to earn his "pee" chocolate train. He was always happy to go and sit on the toilet whenever I suggested it and also freely did a poo. He did wet in his pull-ups I didn't make a big deal of it, he realized what he had done, but he always wanted to sit on the toilet after. He did a pee lots of praise, coveted chocolate train, etc.

But the next time he went to sit on the toilet, soon after he grabbed himself, started screaming to "get me off" and sobbing to get off of the toilet. I put him back in a pull-up and thought I won't push it any more today (this was around 3:30/4:00). When we went to get ready for bed he wanted to sit on the toilet, so I helped him get on, and almost immediately he grabbed himself (like, pinching to keep the pee in) and got hysterical to get off the toilet.

It seems to me he knows he was about to pee but after doing it once seems scared to do it again. So do I keep at it as in, keep putting him on the toilet or give up and try again in a few weeks?

(I should mention that when he's on the toilet I sit on the floor with him and we talk, play silly games (like pretending the empty loo roll is ice cream, Christmas putting, microphones, etc), sing silly, made-up songs about pee/poo, etc. so I'd like to think he's nice & relaxed.)

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