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Dd uses potty at home but won't at nursery

orderinformation · 26/03/2013 21:24

Dd is 27 months. Been potty training at home for few weeks and going well. Nappy on for naps and out and about. Today she wore knickers to nursery for first time - she does two full days twice a week. She refused to use potty or wear nappy and got upset when they asked her to. She had one accident and the rest of the time just held it in. In fact even once home she didn't do wee for half an hour after getting home despite having held it in for hours at nursery.

Any advice. She has a kidney problem history and a daily antibiotic to head off UTIs and I am worried too much holding in will be a problem in this respect.

Chocolate coins and sparkly stickers persuade her to do most things at home when necessary. Worth taking some to nursery for potty bribery?

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