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Daughter can't poo

epaterson · 04/09/2012 08:41


My daughter chose to give up nappies just over a week ago. She has done fantasticaly well with her wees but is struggling to poo.

She went fine the first 2 days but now seems to be either constipated or holding it in. She spends alot of the day jumping about saying "oh my bottom". I try to keep calm saying when you are ready then sit on the potty. She also gets a reward when she does a poo and she definately understands that as she keeps telling me. I have even asked her if she wants to poo in a nappy but she does not, she also has a nappy for lunch and night sleeps but does not go when she has these on.

She has been passing a very little every couple of days which is very hard. I have had her on 3 5ml does of Lactulose since Friday which looks like it is slowing softening the poo but it is not helping her to go. She did eventually go yesterday (which was a bit softer) but already today she is hopping about and like yesterday expect it will be this afternoon before she eventually goes.

I have spoken to the health visitors who only advise to increase fruit, liquid and fibre. I am trying my my best but because she is so uncomfortable she is not open eating or drinking too much. I have also been out and bought whole wheat everything and flaked bran to hide in some foods where i can. This is obviously dealing with the constipation, but i need to know how to deal with the with holding.

It is heartbreaking to see her so uncomfortable and very hard to deal with as i have a 12 week old also.

Any help would be so very gratefully recieved.

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