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first day potty training experiences please.

seashelles · 29/01/2012 18:58

hi all,
i started potty training dd 2.7months today and i think it went ok but am not sure about some things. first thing she did 2 wees in her 2 potties and i was thrilled.
ithen put her in just a pair of loose fitting shorts and she was sitting in her chair having a lolly and i noticed a wet path forming so tried to get her quickly on her potty but she didnt seem to mind sitting in her wee. is this normal?
she had another accident abit later then i just left her bottomless and it seems to be going ok. she had another accident but she was engrossed watching tv at the time.
i put her on her potty every 20 mins and she went loads but she hasn't told me herself that she wants to go. am i expecting too much?
id like to hear any stories of your first days please andmaybe what i might expect tomorrow.

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