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She I go back to using Pull Ups.

HopesMummy · 11/01/2012 12:12

My 4 year old DD has been dry during the day for the last 18 months. She was wearing pull-ups at night and they were mainly dry. We thought that at 4 we really should be dry at night as well so we decided to go cold turkey.

She did really well for the first couple of weeks, but for the last fortnight we have had accidents almost every night. I am limiting drinks before bedtime and she is visiting the loo before bed. Also we have been taking her to the loo when we go to bed as well (although as I just read on another thread this may not be the best thing to do).

Should I continue and hope the accidents will reduce, or is this putting too much pressure on her if she is not ready. If I return to pull ups now will that do more harm than good, I do not want to confuse her but I don't want to destroy her confidence either.

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