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Emotionally ready?

MrsBeaver · 01/04/2011 23:48

I started potty training my 2.6 DD as she has a dry nappy in the morning even after bedtime milk and had started telling me before she was going to do a poo.

However, she only did 1 wee in the potty, wasn't interested in going regularly and started witholding wee so the nursery nurse has advised I give up on the cold turkey approach and try again later when she is emotionally ready. In the meantime, I was advised that i should still build toilet time into her daily routine.

My questions are:

  1. How will I know when she is emotinally ready?
  2. My instinct is to stop mentioning the potty and put it away for a while. Should I really be still gently mentioning it in the morning and before bath etc....or wouldn't it have more effect if i bring it up again as new in a few months time?
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