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Postnatal health

Tampons uncomfortable after baby

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Uncomfortable1 · 08/03/2024 15:47

Hi, I has my first baby 5 months ago and my periods have just returned. If I use a tampon it's really uncomfortable and feels like it's rubbing? I never had this problem before baby. Has anyone experienced similar?

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crictur · 08/03/2024 20:21

Hi I wonder if you maybe have a prolapse? I would maybe go see a women's physio to have it checked out? (Could try NHS but in my experience useless/clueless)

FTMaz · 08/03/2024 22:22

Yes! My period returned really quickly and I initially used pads but they’re so gross I tried a tampon and had to remove it after 5 minutes it was so uncomfortable!

SemperIdem · 08/03/2024 22:29

It’s been a while now, as my daughter is 8, but I remember my period returning and tampons just feeling wrong initially. I was really worried because I’d never been a pad user (used for my first period only and never again) but it settled itself pretty quickly.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong, it’s just your body is still healing internally.

sandybeaches74 · 08/03/2024 22:29

This happened to me but it got better and now I don't have any issues at all. Just give it some time, everything's still a bit sensitive Flowers

motleymop · 08/03/2024 22:31

Yes this happened to me and it felt like a big issue at the time, but I probably wouldn't have remembered if you hadn't mentioned it, and it was only a few months ago. It didn't last long.

InvalidCrumb · 08/03/2024 22:31

Yep, happened to me. I eventually stopped using them.

Alwaystired2023 · 08/03/2024 22:32

Yes haven't used a tampon since (4 years) like a PP said it just felt not right, luckily period pants have been invented and they work for me

Uncomfortable1 · 12/03/2024 07:10

Thanks everyone. I'll give it a few more months before I start worrying then. I used to use a mooncup but that was impossible this time round. At least tampons are bearable for when I go swimming

OP posts:
Uncomfortable1 · 31/03/2024 17:04

Just wanted to say, in case anyone else reads this thread, that it's gone back to normal now, and it's only my third period since my baby.

I might be brave enough to retry the mooncup next time!

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