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Postnatal health

Heavy periods after baby

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Shutterbye · 27/01/2024 19:34

I have always had quite light periods but after having a baby 4 months ago my periods are really heavy. I have had 3 so far and am bleed through a maternity pad and super plus tampon in about an hour and a half. I’m also getting clots which I’ve never had prior to having a baby. Has anyone had anything similar and did it settle back down to normal? I’m starting to worry about being out the house for too long on the heaviest days!

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ditzzy · 27/01/2024 22:39

Yes, I had this, although I don’t recall how long it went on for. The first few periods after dd2 was born I kept getting flood events. during my period I’d get really crampy and then get incredibly heavy bleeding shortly after. It would be on and off for a few days.

It happened on a train on the way to work on one occasion, (so it must have been six months after to be back in the office) I foolishly thought it was a normal period day so had packed two pads for the whole day, as soon as I sat on the train I got cramps, so sat really really still for the whole hour, felt it all rush out when I stood up and went straight to the station toilet. I had to buy an extra pack of pads and some wet wipes to make sure I was ready for the rest of the day.

Nothing like that before or since - although my cycles have been a bit unpredictable ever since, much shorter; but as long as they don’t go back to being heavy like that I don’t mind.

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