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Postnatal health

Vaping when breastfeeding

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newmummy2024 · 21/01/2024 17:50

Hi all.

No judgement please - I'm a week PP and really fancied a vape. I gave up while pregnant and had a couple puffs of my partners and didn't breastfeed for about 3-4 hr after (had some pumped already).

I don't have any intention of vaping regularly; was more a post pregnancy treat as I had missed it. I am now however getting serious mum guilt! Does anyone know the general rules around how long you should wait before feeding / is it going to really affect baby? Had a quick google and am in a slight panic. Thanks all

OP posts:
Naptrappedmummy · 21/01/2024 17:51

Who knows. Vaping is relatively recent and I doubt there are any reliable studies. Nothing wrong with bottle feeding if you want to vape, at least it’s a known quantity and perfectly safe.

Notalldogs23 · 21/01/2024 17:58

I'd imaging it's like smoking, in that you're taking nicotine into your system (obviously some other stuff too). Have you looked into the advice on smoking and breast feeding?

If I drank alcohol when breastfeeding, I pumped and dumped, maybe there's similar advice re time periods etc for cigarette.

Could be a bit of a problem to have to delay feeds/introduce a bottle while your baby is so tiny though - could you wait till they're a bit older to vape again?

Notalldogs23 · 21/01/2024 18:02

That NHS advice is really clear - and so much better than my contribution! - hope it puts your mind at rest!

I'd close this thread now in case people come along to add to mum guilt.

NotHooray · 21/01/2024 18:03

It is better to smoke and still breastfeed than not smoke at all if that makes sense? So I'd apply the same logic to vaping. I breastfed my youngest for 2.5 years and took up vaping again for maybe the last 1 year of that. Never in the house, never around the kids etc.

NotHooray · 21/01/2024 18:04

Sorry, meant 'than not breastfeed at all'

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