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Postnatal health

High BMI - postpartum weight loss

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nightowl89 · 22/12/2023 19:49


I gave birth a week ago to a baby girl who weighed 7lbs 15oz. My BMI before being pregnant was 37.9 - so on the higher side. I only gained a stone in weight during pregnancy and have weighed myself for the first time today (after eating and drinking) and I'm 2 stone down from my weight at my booking appointment.

While on the face of it this is good I can't help but be a bit concerned as I'm currently waiting on a two week referral for the breast clinic due to a lump under my armpit.

Has anyone else with a higher BMI ended up weighing less than pre-pregnancy?

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katherine123x · 23/12/2023 12:33

Hi. I weighed 3 stone less about a week after giving birth than I did the day before. And about 1.5 stone less than my booking appt!

Put it down to a lot of sickness and pregnancy and loss of appetite

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 23/12/2023 13:30

I'm not on the bigger side bit I definitely weighed less at that stage than pre-pregnancy. I hope the lump turns out to be nothing Flowers

ChrisPackhamsYellowFleece · 23/12/2023 13:37

If you think about it, you've been walking around with the equivalent of an SAS backpack (baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, etc) so it's not surprising you might have burned off a little if you were being careful about weight gain during pregnancy.

rainbowtea23 · 27/12/2023 20:11

I put on less than a stone with my first then due to preeclampsia and having a lot of fluid I ended up being 3.5 stone down just after he was born. Have edited post as meant to add my BMI was 41 at booking in.

nightowl89 · 27/12/2023 22:41

Thanks all for your replies, really reassuring to hear your experiences and know that the weight loss isn't necessarily anything sinister.

I can definitely tell that a lot of my extra fluid etc. has massively reduced, my carpal tunnel is no longer playing up and my resting heart rate has returned to 56 so happy days!

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