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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Postnatal health

Fear of second pregnancy

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Boyblue90 · 20/10/2023 16:06

I’m looking for some advice or maybe just to know I’m not alone.

I had a traumatic pregnancy with my LO and I’m terrified of a second pregnancy. I am on contraceptive injection and have taken numerous pregnancy tests out of panic. Logically I have nothing to panic about since technically no unprotected sex. I can’t stop worrying, daily panicking over the worry and it seems not even multiple negative pregnancy tests are enough to calm me down.

anyone have any advice or feel the same? I was on wait list for MH help since 26 weeks pregnant and by 3 months post partum I still had no help. At a bit of a loss as to how to manage this

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 21/10/2023 08:22

I'm so sorry that you're struggling like this @Boyblue90.

In a practical level, would using a condom as well as the injection help? Having one method of contraception fail is rare but having two together is almost unheard of.

Is there a particular aspect if the PG that you found traumatic? Would some private counselling for that be an option?

If you're employed, does your Employer offer any Counselling services?

And I'd definitely go back to the GP and explain how you're feeling and that you need support Flowers

Boyblue90 · 21/10/2023 17:52

Thank you so much for your reply. To be honest nothing happening to need a condom because I’m so worried but getting different contraception soon I think I’ll feel safer on. Had a suspected miscarriage a long time ago on the injection.

I can get help through work but due to finances will have to wait until I’m back at work so a few more months yet.

feel a bit lost but I appreciate the reply and will take it on boards. Thank you so much

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