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Postpartum Anxiety...

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littlepeanuthopes · 24/09/2023 23:44

Hi everyone.
Not sure how to handle my feelings right now so thought I would post here in case anyone feels / felt a similar way.
I am a first time mum. My son is 9 weeks old and I was fortunate enough to have had a healthy pregnancy and straight forward birth. Baby seems to be doing great so far (🙏🏼) too. Very very grateful. The level of love I feel is like nothing I could have imagined. The expression 'I love 'him' so much it hurts' really resonates. I feel so vulnerable because I realise how much my happiness now depends on his well-being.
I've just developed an overwhelming level of anxiety about it now. I'm CONSTANTLY worried about him and keep catastrophising and having images of something bad happening to him. Im either obsessing about whether he's breathing or scared about whether he's choking or he's hurt etc. I can't relax. I look at him and feel intense love mixed with intense fear. I keep replaying videos in my head of tik toks that I have accidentally come across of horrendous things happening to newborns and I feel so sacred and sad. He means the world to me. I need to grow a thicker skin..... i can't keep feeling this way and stopping myself from living in the moment.

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Puppyseahorse · 24/09/2023 23:49

I had this. It’s normal and hormonal. You can call you GP and ask for a referral to NHS perinatal, they are very good. Counselling & medication if you need it.

i’m really sorry you’re going through it. Don’t feel guilty or angry at yourself for feeling this way, it’s not your fault & it’s very common. It’s your hormones telling you to protect your baby & going a bit overboard!

DustyLee123 · 25/09/2023 07:12

Some level of what you are feeling is normal, it’s the protective lioness coming out. But it sounds like you’ve gone a bit further, so need some help. See the GP and tell them exactly how you are feeling.

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