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Postnatal health

Not pregnant but having pain like contractions

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Lowri10 · 04/08/2023 15:30

Need some advice.

had my baby almost 11 months ago via emergency c-section. My stomach and scar can be sore after exercise, even a long walk can make it sore.

been on the contraceptive injection since last December, my periods had settled down etc. the last month I’ve had awful pain in my lower back and stomach that comes and goes and honestly feels like labour, that 3/4cm stage. I’ve been bleeding for a week now, up and down heavy. Worried that the GP will brush me off as they usually do and blame it on the contraceptive injection.

(for info, I’ve done pregnancy tests, they’re negative.)
has anyone had the same issue?

thanks in advance.

OP posts:
SinglemumJess · 25/11/2023 09:49

I have been having final stage contractions monthly for 6 months before my period starts. The doctors have only just started investigating as we had the idea that my body was rejecting the IUD. That's been removed for 40 days now and it's happened again. The contractions are so strong the uterus muscles are overworked and paralysed for two days, and my body has gone into shock leaving me constipated.
My mum has the same thing. She still gets it now and she had the menopause years ago.
At least my post let's you know you arent alone.
If the doctors can't find a solution I'm insisting on a hysterectomy and fallopian tube removal. I can't do 30 years of this. Physically and mentally so draining
But also hard on my son and Job. Very likely I'll lose my job over this.

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