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12 weeks postpartum no period - formula feeding

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Baby4due2023 · 30/07/2023 20:42


subject says it all really, I am 12 weeks postpartum, had my baby in May via c section. My postpartum bleeding was normal not heavy at all but lasted longer than my previous children. Lasted about 6 weeks however for about 3 of them it was just pink/brown or yellow discharge daily.
i started losing pink/brown discharge again at 11 weeks pp and thought my period was coming however I’m 12 weeks +2 now still losing the pink discharge when go to the toilet but still no period.

baby has been formula fed from birth. Also took 2 pregnancy tests and both negative.

wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what the outcome was?


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Baby4due2023 · 01/08/2023 14:03


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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 05/08/2023 08:12

Just giving you another hopeful bump.

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