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Postnatal health

Dry hands- still

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Blue2020 · 05/07/2023 22:19

Pre pregnancy I would get mild dry hands briefly during February/winter and then they would return to normal. Since I became pregnant my dry hands got worse throughout. I thought they would resolve after the birth, however it’s now 3 months later and they are getting worse. Admittedly part (maybe all) of it is the frequent nappy changes and washing hands etc. I used two creams through pregnancy and occasionally now- Vaseline brand and e45 brands, neither seam to help more than 10-20minutes. My hands are now cracking/bleeding/tiny cuts etc. Did this happen with anyone else? Do you have any recommendations on how to improve my hands?

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24Dogcuddler · 05/07/2023 22:38

Nursem cream developed by a nurse. Really good available from their website or Boots

Blue2020 · 07/07/2023 04:23

@24Dogcuddler Thankyou I will try it.

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Alway1insomethingstat · 07/07/2023 04:33

Try cera ve hand cream and epimax emoillent from the doctor.

Tumilnaughts · 07/07/2023 04:42

I thought I was the only one! Yes, this has happened to me with both my babies. I think it's a mix of being dehydrated as I breastfeed and hormones. Drinking a ton of water, like more than you think is necessary and using a nice thick hand cream is the only remedy I've found to work to prevent the cracking. I'm currently 7 months post partum with baby 2 and still suffering. With baby number one it lasted until nearly 12 months.

Blue2020 · 13/07/2023 03:27

@Tumilnaughts oh no, I hope it resolves soon. I do need to drink more. Yes it’s good to know I’m not alone with this, and that hopefully it will improve.

@Alway1insomethingstat I will contact the gp soon and ask them. Thankyou.

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