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Postnatal health

Looking Down Below

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CHPC · 28/04/2023 00:31

I fully regret doing this, I’m 7 weeks PP and felt a new excess bit of skin in-between my legs touching my underwear 2 days ago which was odd. I’ve had a look down at my vagina with a mirror (regrettably) and I am traumatised, I have this random new flap of skin that appeared from nowhere and my vagina does not look in tact at all with skin and soft things protruding out. Is this normal after 7 weeks to randomly get some loose skin and for my vagina to look like it’s walls have fallen out?

OP posts:
serialplanner · 28/04/2023 00:34

Oh lots going on down there plus the boobs! I'm so sorry as it can all be a lot to take in. This is a classic time to not feel great, the lack of sleep is kicking in and the baby hasn't started doing cute stuff yet. Our bodies are bloody fascinating and a lot can change. Give you and your body a chance - it's been busy for 9 months xxx

serialplanner · 28/04/2023 00:36

I would also recommend a mummy MOT if your gp didn't have a proper good look. Reassuring x

Cdoc · 28/04/2023 15:27

I would second a mummy MOT! My post natal check at the GP thru didn’t even look at me, even though I knew I have diastasis recti. Mummy MOT was brilliant and well worth the spend

CHPC · 28/04/2023 16:53

I have been to the GP this morning, confirmed a very slight uterine prolapse but they said it’s expected in most women after birth and it’ll go back to normal with extra pelvic floor exercises. Stated the extra new skin is a new extension of my labia and he can’t explain why it’s only just appeared but it will have happened due to the trauma of child birth so that’s something I’ll just have to get used to and not feel self conscious of when I’m tucking it in everyday 😂Luckily my work pay for the mummy MOT so I’ve contacted them today to organise an appointment funded by work which is fab!

OP posts:
serialplanner · 01/05/2023 21:58

So glad you have access to this. It's likely you will feel so much better. It's a very hard time and you are doing brilliantly getting used to your new body and looking after a new human xx

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