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Bladder adhesions

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XCBXx · 25/04/2023 13:02

I was wondering if anyone had any insight.

The back story is that since the birth of my little girl in April 2021, I’ve had ongoing right sided pelvic and back pain almost everyday. Ovulation makes me tender and swollen, when the pains bad it shoots down my leg and when I cough or sneeze, it’s almost like round ligament pain from pregnancy has reappeared. Both of my births were via c section, the first an emergency as my son was back to back and got stuck, I then suffered 6 weeks with urinary retention after him. My daughters was a planned c section due to her size and some kidney issues she was having at the time. Her birth, while slightly easier, took longer and did result in me losing quite a bit of blood. I also suffered from urinary retention but only for a few days this time round.

despite going to the doctors several times, no one was able to discover the cause of my pain until a laparoscopy was suggested. I had this on Saturday and although I’m waiting for the proper follow up, the surgeon told me that she found severe adhesions to my bladder, it was basically stuck to my uterus and she was only able to remove some that were more accessible on my left side. In the discharge notes she mentioned that if I needed further surgery such as a hysterectomy, this would be complex and risk organ damage to my bladder.

sorry for the ramble but I guess what I’m trying to ask is that has anyone ever been in this position? Can it be fixed? Does it mean that I wouldn’t be able to have any more children without risk of serious issues? X

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