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Postnatal health

Didn't take any postnatal vitamins after c section

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Lucy090 · 24/04/2023 23:44

Hi everyone,
It's been 10months since I had my c section with my son and haven't taken any supplements or vitamins since having him. I've read up that these help recovery of the Cs. I had an emergency Cs and had a complicated pregnancy too add. Since I haven't taken any does this mean that my scar hasn't healed well? Would this affect future situations where it will stop me from growing my family in way future? I do get pain here and there.

Any answers would be appreciated
Thank you

OP posts:
APseudonymNeeded · 24/04/2023 23:54

You will have healed fine. Good nutrition, high protein & vitamins etc can help healing, and deficiencies can mean increased healing times, but if you have a good diet in general you will be fine by now.
Not taking vitamins post birth won’t cause you problems adding to you family later. Don’t worry.

tiredpuppymum · 24/04/2023 23:58


What an odd thing to think.

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