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Postnatal health

Horrific wind 4 weeks postpartum

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wadercl · 19/04/2023 18:36

Anyone experience awful wind after giving birth? My baby is 4 weeks and I keep having terrible wind…like so much literally every few mins! It’s so embarrassing and makes me feel so cranky! Also dread going to bed with my husband at night because I’m popping them off all the time involuntarily!! I’m not eating any differently so wondering whether it’s hormonal and anyone else has had the same? Also any remedies appreciated please! Tried tablets but they didn’t have any affect. Ugh!

thank you :)

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Cdoc · 19/04/2023 18:38

I actually did have this, and still do at 6 weeks pp. it absolutely stinks :( I put it down to hormones and also that breastfeeding makes me so hungry I’m eating absolutely everything in sight! Sorry that’s not helpful but you’re not alone

wadercl · 19/04/2023 19:33

Cdoc I feel for you! 6 weeks of it must be so bad! I’m totally the same - they’re deadly!! Good to know I’m not the only one but hope it gets better for you soon :)

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Tarantallegra · 19/04/2023 19:37

Checking in at 12 weeks still tooting Blush

OnNaturesCourse · 19/04/2023 19:41

I had similar just not so extreme I think.

I was "burpin and fartin" all day for about 2 weeks post baby.

Midwife told me it's a lot to do with hormones and your breathing in labour, delivery and recovery. Apparently you take in gasps of air more in labour and delivery, then in recovery a lot of people move slower and tense due to discomfort which effects the diaphragm. Basically all results in a lot of upper and lower gas.

wadercl · 19/04/2023 20:52

Tarantallegra argh 12 weeks!!!! So bad! Poor you.

OnNaturesCourse that’s super helpful :) thanks! As if labour wasn’t bad enough huh! Hopefully it passes soon.

Actually remembered I’m taking brewers yeast! Wondering whether that’s part of the problem!

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