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Postnatal health


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Floral581 · 11/04/2023 03:24

Hi 😊 just wondering if anyone's had the same thing!
I'm 8 weeks postpartum, gave birth vaginally and needed an episitomy and forceps in the end. I had an infection in the episotomy, which I had antibiotics for and it totally cleared up.
However, I have noticed the last couple weeks a stale urine almost in my knickers. I don't think it's a UTI because there's no pain or burning or urgency, and also because I had antibiotics for the episotomy infection. I don't think I'm leaking urine either... so a bit of a mystery
Has anyone else noticed a smell 😖

OP posts:
HappyHolidays22 · 11/04/2023 03:33

Hi Op! Not sure if this will help or not but I had something similar with my firstborn. I ended up buying an over the counter bacterial vaginosis test and it showed that I had BV so I bought some cream. Anyway, turns out that I didn’t have BV… I was the breastfeeding and all the hormone changes that was affecting everything down there and showed a false positive.

id perhaps speak with a GP - or perhaps call your HV? But it could just be all the hormone changes and your body recovering.

congratulations on the birth of your LO! Xx

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