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Postnatal health

Scared - post c-section issues

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catgirl30 · 10/04/2023 12:07

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to me.
Should start by saying I have a hysteroscopy happening later this week but can't stop overthrowing.

Had a c section June 2022, had the usual post aprtum bleeding for about 6-8 weeks which takes us to the beginning on August 2022, started back on cerazette mid-July. Then no more bleeding as per my previous experience of cerazette.

Just before Christmas I started having random bleeds, had a gynae appointment in March (delayed due to covid... should have been done at 6 weeks PP). Told her about the bleeding etc and she did an internal scan and could see white marks in my uterus, hence the upcoming hysteroscopy.

I have copied below from notes on my phone starting with today and working back:

Monday 10th April
Intense backache, intense cramping/spasming in and around scar/hip bones. No bleeding yet.

Sunday 9th April
Back ache/below scar cramping

27th March - few days
Cramping below scar

Wed 8th March
Sudden onset of bleeding, about a week.

Friday 24th Feb
Sudden, about 6 days

Couple of days before Christmas, v sudden, heavy, not sure how long 

What the hell is going on? I'm scared. Anyone experienced similar so long after c section?

OP posts:
catgirl30 · 10/04/2023 12:09

*overthinking, not overthrowing!

OP posts:
Lolalu09 · 03/05/2023 16:31

Hey hun,

I have had bleeding since havingt c section, I am now on week 15. I had a scan done that's shown I have fluid around or near my c section scar. I have to have an mri done and surgery.

Have you had anymore updates?

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