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Postnatal health


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yarawestly123 · 05/03/2023 01:37

Can't find simple answers to two very simple questions. For those that exclusively breastfed, 1) when did you have your fist period? 2) did you stop producing breastmilk once you did?

OP posts:
LadyJ2023 · 05/03/2023 02:04

Erm what makes you think you stop producing milk if you do it's nothing to do with periods. And there's loads on NHS site about both subjects. Aslong as you keep feeding baby you will always produce milk unless there's an underlying problem...periods for some it's months before they go normal others it's 4-6 weeks after birth

Summer2424 · 05/03/2023 02:10

Hi @yarawestly123 i had a proper period about 8 weeks after giving birth. My breast milk continued even when i started my periods.
Hope the above helps x

Aquamarine1029 · 05/03/2023 02:13

I EBF'd both of my children, and my periods came back four weeks after giving birth, both times. I had excellent milk supply. Your periods do not stop your breasts from producing milk.

Carbis · 05/03/2023 03:23

My period didn’t come back until about a month after I stopped breastfeeding both of mine. So 9 months after my first and 13 after my second.

HippeePrincess · 05/03/2023 03:41

My period returned about a year in with DS and about 4 months with DD (this coincided with introducing a dummy). No effect on breast milk production at all.

Glitterstars · 05/03/2023 20:57

3 months and did find supply dropped just for a couple of days as baby just didn’t want to feed as much dont know if it is linked. But after my period went back to normal. Only had one period though so I’m like 2 weeks “late” but apparently very common PP to take time to get back into normal cycle again

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