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Postnatal health

PND when does it get easier

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SassyPants87 · 01/02/2023 20:43

Baby is 3.5 months and I’ve been struggling since the day he’s been born. He’s my second child and I still haven’t felt a bond or connected to him like I did with his sister.

from the offset we’ve had a number of feeding issues which caused me major stress and anxiety and now I just cry all the time and dread getting up in the mornings knowing that I have to face the day with him.

he cries all the time and never lets me put him down. I feel like he’s taking me away from my eldest too. I just want him to be happy and healthy and it feels like I can’t do that 😞

spoke to HV today and she said I meet the criteria for PND/A and I would be referred to the mental health team.

Does anyone know what next steps are? And when the cloud lifted for you. I can just tell I’m not myself anymore and I just dread every waking day. I’m normally the positive happy one but I just feel floored

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Bababababab · 01/02/2023 21:13

For me it was when i started taking medication. With my first i never took them although they were prescribed and i never got over it really. With my second i took sertraline and it was amazing what difference it made. From crying every morning at the prospect of the day to not crying at all and having a good time. Then weaned off the sertraline at about 13 months once i was back at work.

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